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Platonic Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: The Big Two Six

Platonic Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

In the sixth episode titled “The Big Two Six” of the Apple TV+ comedy “Platonic,” Sylvia (Rose Byrne) and Will’s life undergo important upheavals that could have an impact on their platonic relationship. Each of them has personal obstacles to overcome before their joint test. The episode makes viewers wonder if Sylvia will heed Will’s advice and whether he has genuinely moved on from his ex-wife Audrey. here’s We (tvacute.com) have Platonic Episode 6 rundown.

Platonic Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Sylvia, who has been jobless for some time, is anxious about a job interview and tries to locate the ideal suit, asking Charlie (Luke Macfarlane) and Will (Seth Rogen) for advice, but ultimately make the choice on her own. Ultimately, she is hired. However, when Peyton learns that Will views their connection as “nothing,” it negatively affects their relationship. Will reaches out to Sylvia after realizing he needs assistance, but things don’t turn out as expected. Will is furious when Sylvia decides to hire Peyton as a babysitter rather than explaining the matter to Peyton.

When Peyton (Emily Kimball) asks Will about her birthday celebration, Will is even more shocked. The chat between Sylvia and Peyton reveals that, despite her interest in him, Sylvia mentions that Will is still getting over his divorce, suggesting that he hasn’t moved on from his ex-wife Audrey (Alisha Wainwright). As a result, Will confronts Sylvia and accuses her of being the cause of his predicament without first confirming the veracity of her claim. Sylvia emphasizes their differences and the age difference between Will and Peyton during the heated exchange. In an effort to patch things up with Peyton, Will chooses to host a birthday celebration for her at his bar. Will, however, comes to the realization that his pursuit of a romantic relationship with Peyton was a mistake while at the party.

Despite their disagreement, Sylvia goes to Peyton’s party because she understands that she doesn’t have to get involved in Will’s personal life unless he specifically asks her to. Will is grateful for Sylvia’s presence and is relieved to have her there. Both of them are overwhelmed by the depth of their 20-year friendship and recognize its power. But after the party, Will decides he needs to be responsible and make things clear, so he breaks up with Peyton. Peyton, much to his surprise, doesn’t think their relationship merits a split and advises they just part ways. Will starts to doubt the importance he gave their relationship after learning this truth. Alan, Peyton’s new roommate, has also made him feel mistreated.

Will exits Peyton’s house in disdain and rage as the show comes to an end. Given the contempt he received, it is unclear if might would urge Sylvia to fire Peyton from her position as the children’s nanny. Will’s actions go against what he said Sylvia should accept because they don’t fit with her lifestyle. Ironically, Will might follow suit.

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