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New Time Slot: When to Watch Yellowstone Tonight (Oct. 8, 2023) on CBS?

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Starring Kevin Costner, Yellowstone is a gripping story that debuted in 2018 and is a modern Western drama. It’s notable for being the most-watched entertainment program of the previous season—it even surpassed NCIS. Yellowstone is centered on ranch owner John Dutton’s unwavering effort to preserve his family’s ancestral property, in contrast to shows that concentrate on worldwide conquest.

The story follows his three grown children as they negotiate a violent struggle for dominance, complicated moral issues, loyalty, and the looming prospect of bloodshed. The complex relationships throughout the series are at its core, with the tumultuous relationship between Beth, John’s daughter, and ranch manager Rip Wheeler serving as its focal point. The intriguing question of who will prevail in the strange world of Yellowstone emerges as the family battles enemies and manipulates the law.

We’ll delve into the essence of Yellowstone on CBS in this examination, revealing its deep plotlines, nuanced characters, and the suspense that keeps us riveted to our televisions. tvacute will also cover important information regarding the October 8, 2023, airing schedule, explaining why viewers should be ready for a small departure from the customary time slot.

What time does Yellowstone air tonight (October 8, 2023) on CBS? New Time Slot

With intense fans gearing up for the upcoming episode, which premieres on October 8, 2023, there will be a timetable change to be aware of. Since its premiere, CBS has consistently aired Yellowstone; however, this Sunday’s airing will be different because of an NFL doubleheader and a longer 60-minute episode.

First on the schedule is the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game at 1 p.m. ET, which will be followed at 4:25 p.m. by the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings game. The 60-minute length, which is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., will have an impact on Yellowstone’s customary 8 p.m. time slot.

Yellowstone is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET on October 8, 2023, which will enable the extended 60-minute runtime. The number of episodes that air may be affected by this change, but viewers can expect a more complex plot with the sixth episode, “The Remembering.” New dangers to Yellowstone and John Dutton emerge as the show moves into the second half of its nine-episode length, ensuring an exciting story.

In addition, the episode raises the stakes for Jamie’s run for Attorney General by hinting at the intensification of his political campaign. This political maneuver is a calculated attempt to make sure the law works in his father’s favor and maintain the heritage of Yellowstone in Montana, rather than just being motivated by personal desire.

In addition, Kayce Dutton will have to pay for the mayhem he brought to his family’s home. The individual who has the opportunity to speak with John’s youngest child, Rip Wheeler, personifies the fallout from Kayce’s murderous deeds.

Fans may look forward to episodes 7-8 airing on October 15, 2023, when the double-feature format will resume. “The Unraveling, Pt. 1,” the eighth episode, is the start of a two-part season finale that promises even more tension and drama.

In summary, CBS‘s Yellowstone is more than simply a TV show; it’s an expedition over the difficult landscapes of survival, power, and family. The schedule change serves as a warning to viewers that nothing is truly safe in the unpredictable world of Yellowstone, so they should brace themselves for the following episode.


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