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Netflix’s The Killer (2023) Movie Locations: Where was The Killer (2023) filmed?

David Fincher, the director of Netflix’s 2023 action thrillerThe Killer,” transports viewers on a thrilling global journey replete with suspenseful moments and surprising turns in the story. Based on the French graphic novel series ‘The Killer’ by Alexis “MatzNolent and Luc Jacamon, and starring Michael Fassbender, the film transports viewers to the perilous world of the titular assassin who becomes embroiled in a global manhunt following a botched assignment.

As tvacute explores ‘The Killer’s’ behind-the-scenes magic, it becomes clear that the film’s locales are essential to making the story come to life. Every location in the movie adds to its visual complexity, from the busy streets to the sun-drenched vistas and the metropolitan sprawl. Let’s take a tour of the various filming locations that helped create the dramatic atmosphere for “The Killer.”

Where was The Killer (2023) filmed?

Enter the fictional universe of ‘The Killer’ (2023) as it expertly combines fictional and real-world settings to take you on a global adventure. The film, which was directed by David Fincher and is set in a variety of locations including Paris, New Orleans, Chicago, and more, uses these settings not only as backdrops but also as players in the gripping story.
The film’s production journey, which takes the team to several gorgeous sites that enhance the authenticity of the narrative, reflects the film’s globetrotting plot. In November 2021, filming got underway in Paris, where famous spots like La Villette Park’s Passerelle des Ardennes and the Latin Quarter’s Place de Lestrade were photographed.  One of the terminals at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport served as the location for the initial airport sequence.
The movie starts in the romantic city of Paris, where the sniper waits eagerly for his prey in a hotel room with a view of the famous Panthéon dome. Nestled in the center of the Latin Quarter, the Place de l’Estrapade serves as a magnificent backdrop for the passionate scenes that take place there.
The audience is taken to the Hyatt Regency New Orleans Hotel, which deftly doubles as the airport for the Dominican Republic, as part of the crew’s ongoing foreign tour. Ciudad Colonial, the old town of Santo Domingo, offers a fascinating and historic backdrop for significant moments, including spots like Columbus Park and La Isabela International Airport. The Santo Domingo neighborhood of Guaricanos gives the story a hint of grim realism.
The plot is deepened as the story progresses by Jeanfreau’s Ace Hardware on the outskirts of New Orleans and the lawyer’s office building in the city’s core. The West Pearl River Bridge and the Canal Street Ferry in New Orleans serve as cinematic bridges that link crucial scenes.
the killer Breaux Mart

The movie moves from St. Charles, Illinois, a quaint town renowned for its historic downtown, to Chicago with ease. Even though the West Pearl River Bridge is actually closed, it plays a crucial role in the murderer’s moments of solving puzzles. The store Breaux Mart in Chalmette, Louisiana, serves as a stand-in for Florida, demonstrating the adaptability of various settings in constructing a visual story that cuts across national borders. Every site is a meticulously chosen piece of the cinematic puzzle, from the fictional Baliquinox Club filmed at the Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago.

‘The Killer’ teases a New York setting with an introductory shot of Grand Central Terminal, a masterful cinematic trick. But every scene in New York was painstakingly constructed in and around Chicago, demonstrating the alchemy of cinema that makes it difficult to distinguish between fact and fantasy.

In addition, Gabriel’s eatery from the popular Netflix series The Killer—an actual Italian café known as Terra Nera—is included in the film. A touch of refinement is added by the Waterfront Restaurant, which is tucked away around the picturesque Fox River, and the audience is treated to a visual feast in the lobby of the Hyde Park–Kenwood National Bank Building at 1525 East 53rd Street.

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