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Netflix Hacks, Secrets, and Tips for Students

Netflix is considered the most subscribed streaming service worldwide and a preferred destination for many. Millions of viewers worldwide subscribe to the platform, and the increased viewership has enabled Netflix to grow into a formidable force within the entertainment segment. If you are a student, this streaming platform comes in handy as a source of entertainment. So, let’s check out some secrets, tips, and hacks for a student subscriber looking to get the most out of a Netflix subscription.

Choose the Best Plan Based on Your Viewing Habits

Netflix offers four different categories, each with a specific price. The standard or the basic package can be adequate for your needs if you don’t spend too much time watching movies and can only set aside limited time for your entertainment. However, if you are a movie enthusiast who spends most of the day watching the latest movies and shows, you might consider the premium option. The standard option could be limiting, and you might not find some shows you desire on that package. On the other hand, the premium option gives you access to everything on the platform, and you will have a wide selection of things to watch.

Use Profiles to Personalize Your Account

When you need assignment help and are wondering, “Who will do my assignment for me?” you would want to hire someone who will customize your paper to match your requirements to be satisfied with the work. The same applies to Netflix. If you want to enjoy it fully, you would want to access content that matches your preferences easily. Fortunately, Netflix’s personalized recommendation technology is well-designed to ensure what appears on your home page is based on your viewing history. Every row is curated based on your previous searches and what you previously watched. But this personalization is most effective when you are a single user. If you share your account with family members, you can no longer enjoy this feature because you’ll get recommendations for what others watch.

But you shouldn’t worry too much when sharing. Netflix allows five different profiles on every account, keeping everyone’s preferences separate. If you love action and adventure, but another user is into telenovelas, your profile will give you action and adventure suggestions. Similarly, the other user’s profile will suggest to them telenovelas. Thus, ensure everyone uses their profile when streaming to keep things organized.

Download Shows to Watch Offline

Netflix shows are streamed over the internet, but there is an option for watching offline. It allows you to watch your shows even when you don’t have access to the internet. You can download your preferred cinemas for offline viewing with an active internet connection. This feature is perfect for those who desire to keep watching their favorite TV shows while traveling to a location without a reliable internet connection. Think about watching them before it’s too late since everything you download offline can’t last forever. Many of your shows will only last for a week before you redownload them again.

Use a VPN to Unblock Geo-Blocked Content

A VPN allows you to unblock geo-blocked content from around the world. Copyright restrictions make Netflix content different in different countries. An example of such a scenario is the case of a series called Outlander. You can watch Outlander season 5 in Canada, but the option is unavailable in the US. A VPN will help you get around these restrictions and access the content unavailable in the country. Using a VPN will help you enjoy a wide selection of cinemas.

Get Netflix on Your Favorite Devices

Get Netflix on Your Favorite Devices

An advantage of using Netflix over other streaming platforms is that it allows you to stream using various devices. Many people use their desktops to watch Netflix, but there are other devices that you need to consider, and the first is your Smart TV. Many smart TVs have the Netflix application or can be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store. The second option is gaming consoles. Netflix can be downloaded on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, consider installing it on such devices if you are a gamer. Finally, you can download it on your phone or tablet. These numerous options enable you to watch Netflix anywhere without worrying about which devices you have.

Set the Best Video Quality

The digital revolution has come a long way, and in recent times, video quality has become so clear that you can see sweat droplets from an actor’s face. If you are watching your movie but cannot see sweat dripping down an actor’s face in an intense moment, there are two possible reasons. The first is that the actor knows how to deal well with pressure. The second, which is the most likely, is that the video quality you are using is inadequate.
There are several hacks for improving video quality; the first is boosting your internet connectivity. If your internet connection is slow, Netflix will not be able to load HD content, and you will have to cope with the standard-quality content. The standard quality is blurry and will affect your ability to get the fine details from the film. Another hack is to ensure that your gadget’s battery life is high. When battery life reduces, some devices start limiting how much power apps use, affecting the video quality on Netflix. Thus, keeping your device charged will ensure you enjoy quality videos.

Add Subtitles and Captions

Do you sometimes struggle to hear what actors are saying in movies? Subtitles and captions will make things easier for you by helping you understand everything being said. The language option menu lets you turn on the subtitles in your preferred language, and you can enjoy your favorite cinemas without missing anything.


Watching cinemas on Netflix can be an amazing experience. But you can improve your experience through a few hacks. The first is choosing a plan that best fits your viewing habits. With a plan in place, create your profile to help Netflix personalize content based on your watch history and your preferences. If you plan to travel or visit somewhere with poor internet connectivity, download your shows to continue watching them offline. Also, Netflix operates on various devices, so consider installing it on different gadgets to help you access it anywhere and anytime. Lastly, consider setting the best video quality to improve your viewing experience.

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