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[Netflix] Based on True Events: Painkiller Season 1 Release Date | Photos | Cast

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Get ready for the highly anticipated limited series, Painkiller, coming soon to Netflix! Based on true events, this gripping drama takes a deep dive into America’s opioid crisis. Feast your eyes on these exclusive first-look photos and mark your calendars for the release date. (tvacute.com) We have the official release date and exclusive photos for the highly anticipated Netflix series starring Matthew Broderick, Painkiller.

[Netflix] Painkiller Season 1 Release Date

Coming soon to Netflix is a thrilling six-part series. Tune in for an hour of heart-pumping action in each episode. Coming to your screens on Thursday, August 10th.

The upcoming series Painkiller draws inspiration from Barry Meier’s book Pain Killer and Patrick Radden Keefe’s article “The Family That Built the Empire of Pain” in The New Yorker. Painkiller is a gripping exploration of crime, accountability, and the repeated failures of systems that have left countless Americans in despair. The scene was set in the bustling city of Toronto, Canada. 

Get a glimpse of the Painkiller series with these exclusive photos!

[Netflix] Painkiller Season 1 Cast

Starring in Painkiller is a talented ensemble cast including Uzo Aduba, Broderick, Kitsch, West Duchovny, Dina Shihabi, John Rothman, and Tyler Ritter. In the upcoming series, Aduba will portray Edie Flowers, a sharp lawyer employed by the US attorney’s office. Her latest case involves delving into the dangerous world of the new drug OxyContin.

In this series, we see Broderick take on the role of Richard Sackler, a high-ranking executive at Purdue Pharma and the scion of a wealthy family. Meanwhile, Kitsch portrays Glen Kryger, a dedicated family man and business owner whose life is turned upside down by an unexpected injury.

In this upcoming series which is based on real-life events, Duchovny steps into the shoes of Shannon Shaeffer, a former college athlete who joins the Purdue sales team. Alongside him is Shihabi, who portrays Britt Hufford, an experienced sales representative who takes Shannon under her wing.  Rothman takes on the role of Mortimer Sackler, the co-owner of Purdue Pharma and Richard Sackler’s uncle. Meanwhile, Ritter portrays the character of US Attorney John Brownlee, who becomes Edie Flowers’ new boss.

From the visionary minds of Peter Berg, Eric Newman, Alex Gibney, Micah Fitzerman-Blue, and Noah Harpster comes a thrilling new series, directed by the one and only Peter Berg. Get ready to be hooked on Painkiller, the show that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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