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NCIS Season 18 Episode 16 Recap of “Rule 91”

Season Finale - NCIS photos Season 18 Episode 16

Tonight’s NCIS season finale was shocking in which, confronted with arms dealers, Flory’s search led McGee, Bishop, and Torres to an abandoned house where they found guns, but also a classified NSA file. Ellie Bishop confesses that she leaked the file, Ellick’s Kiss, and finally, Gibbs’ lifeless body floats above the water. read full recap scroll down,

Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) herself meets (Mark Harmon) Gibbs. After the significant conversation on the minor, the bishop takes the risk and later he kills two people in the field. Three people recognized Timothy McGee, and Torres and had to buy their guns. The miscreants first started shooting and Bishop responded and killed two and one named is Mr. Flory who ran away. McGee hacks the phones of dead men so he can catch the dangerous blunt. McGee and the team obtain information from the landline, go to an address and go to a deserted house, where the whereabouts of the weapons are asked. They were also selling secrets besides selling only guns.

The team found a classified NSA file at home and the file was about Americans who were using Syrian refugees to lure the al-Qaeda leader.  bishop eventually confesses she had leaked Intel, because of how the NSA was using innocent Syrian refugees to capture the chieftains. The bishops who worked in the NSA. The team was expecting her to use her connection there to get answers.

Only the bishop has not been working there for ten years. She says that all her contacts there were old and so Knight (Katrina Law) comes. His former team was killed and he needed to do something. The team also needed someone with NSA contacts. He told Knight to reach out to his friends and while this was happening, the team continued its investigation.

Director Vance comes. The bad guys grabbed the NSA file. The NSA believes that the person who passed this file was a bishop himself. The bishop certainly denied it. she said that he never leaked the information. So the director and the bishop talk to Alice, the deputy director of the NSA.

Ellis claims the data was breached ten years ago. Back when Bishop worked with the NSA and Ellis considers Bishop guilty. During the investigation, Bishop was being suspended and so she could not work on her case but this whole thing brought Gibbs to perspective the situation. Kept in Gibbs was also suspended. , Finally, Bishop meets Gibbs. He asked him if he was coming back. Bishop was asking Gibbs if he would break up and run away. Gibbs said that it was in Leon Vance’s hand.

Nick asks Bishop how she can get out without saying a word, so he replies, “Sometimes there is nothing to say.” “This is not one of those times, and both pull in a” goodbye “kiss. they share a kiss before she left. It is unclear whether Emily is actually leaving the show at this time.

Meanwhile, the biggest shock then appears to be motoring with his basement boat and Tom, along with Petty Blurring, departs towards a remote area where the boat explodes. We later saw Gibbs’ lifeless body floating above the water, but only for a few seconds. With this, the finale ended.

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