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NCIS: LA: What happened to Hetty in Syria? Where is she?

NCIS: LA: What happened to Hetty in Syria? Where is she?

Current Operations Manager at the Office of Special Projects (OSP) in Los Angeles, California, is Henrietta “Hetty” Lange Played by Linda Hunt . She is also in charge of the Backroom Support Team, which is in charge of providing anything the Agents might require, including cars and tiny surveillance cameras. She had previously been assigned to the Los Angeles Field Office, it was later discovered. NCIS: Los Angeles viewers are finally getting some information about what their former operations manager is doing in Syria, despite the fact that Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) is still missing in action. Only one issue remains: Where is she? Whether Hetty Returns. Here are we (tvacute.com) to explain everything. The following section contains SEVERE spoilers for “All the Little Things,” episode 11 of NCIS: Los Angeles season 13.

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What happened to Hetty in Syria?

After an American drone strike in Syria, Special Agent G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) contacts Zasha (Oleysa Rulin) for intelligence in “All the Little Things.” Although he may not have proof that Hetty was present, he informs Anna that he has a “hunch” (Bar Paly). The good news is that she is not found by Zasha among the wounded or the deceased. The bad news is that Hetty was having a meeting with Mohammad al-Kalmira, the objective of the operation. Zasha speculates, “She must have fled before the strike. Most likely, her target and his agents did as well. She could have called the strike herself, and Callen (and later Admiral Kilbride played by Gerald McRaney and Nate Getz played by Peter Cambor) wouldn’t have been shocked.

In their respective conversations with Nate and Hetty’s old acquaintance Harris Keane (Jeff Kober), Kilbride and Callen both learn a little more about what Hetty is up to. Hetty met with Al-Qaeda commanders to discuss the release of some hostages, the identities of which she withheld from Nate, as he reveals. Al-Kalmira was one of the leaders he profiled for her, but he hasn’t heard from her in a few days and has no way to get in touch with her. Keane has been serving as her overwatch, so she is more knowledgeable. He informs Callen that she has left. She either fled before the blow or fell to the ground. There is ‘no sign’ that she was murdered. The hostages pretended to be Western journalists, but in reality, they are Hetty’s “people,” possibly NCIS. In case he was compromised, she refrained from telling Keane more. He is purchasing clarifications with the war chest she brought. So what transpired following the drone strike on Hetty? Whether Hetty Returns.

Is this possible Hetty Lange Would Die?

Start with the scenario that seems the least likely and darkest. Would Hetty Lange actually be killed off in NCIS: Los Angeles? That’s difficult to fathom, especially given how the present arc is developing.

Hetty Lange broke free and fled to the ground.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Hetty was behind the drone strike, just like Callen, Kilbride, and Nate weren’t. She might have done it to get away from the al-Qaeda leaders and is now somewhere alone, or she might have done it as part of her bargaining strategy and is now with them elsewhere, still attempting to free the hostages. Hetty is still very much in charge in both scenarios.

Is this possible Al-Kalmira has Kidnapped Hetty

It is assumed that Hetty wasn’t there when the drone struck. But we can’t help but worry that something might have gone wrong with her plan in the turmoil of it all. She might have been taken captive by al-Kalmira, one of his men, or another Al-Qaeda leader who took advantage of the circumstance. She might have consented to be taken in order to reach her people.

However, showrunner R Scott Gemmill’s recent comments on Hetty’s future on the program may provide some solace for viewers. His statement to TV Line that “the idea is to go and rescue her at some time, find out what she’s gotten herself into,” seemed to establish her safety. But to find out how Hetty survived and who helped her, you’ll have the answer very soon as NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 begins.

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