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Money Heist: Berlin Season 1 Soundtrack List

Money Heist Berlin-
 “Money Heist: Berlin,” a spin-off that expands on the mystery of the original series. This Netflix original prequel goes into the past of Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, who is one of the most interesting characters in the Money Heist world. Berlin is second in charge to the Professor. This eight-episode season, which takes place in Paris, focuses on Berlin’s mysterious personality, clever plans, and complicated relationships.
The story flows perfectly between a love drama and a heist thriller, taking viewers back to Andres de Fonollosa’s early life before he planned the famous Bank of Spain robbery.   tvacute will get into the details of Berlin’s personality, explain the story of Season 1 of Money Heist: Berlin, and talk about the music that makes the show more emotional.

Money Heist: Berlin Season 1 Soundtrack List

The music in Money Heist: Berlin is an important part of the whole watching experience, as it is with any interesting show. In the eight-episode season, which takes place in Paris, the music has been carefully chosen to match the emotional impact of each scene.
Frank White‘s “Bullets and Flowers” (feat. Nikki Garcia) opening theme song sets the mood for the show. This song, which was written by Lucas Peire and Frank Montasell as part of a larger soundtrack, really shows what Berlin is like: a world full of mystery, love, and high-stakes heists.
The first Money Heist series made the anti-fascist Italian protest song “Bella Ciao” famous, as well as the song “My Life is Going On,” which Cecilia Krull sang in the opening credits. The French DJ Hugel’s version of “Bella Ciao” in Money Heist: Berlin gives the music a new and lively feel.
Now, let’s take a closer look at the songs that are played in the shows and make them more interesting:

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 1 Songs

“Here Comes Trouble” by Blues Saraceno
“Toys” by Julielle
“Pasión” by Rodrigo Leão
“Demons” by Imagine Dragons (jazz cover)
“L’amour” by Carla Bruni
“Je t’aime moi non plus” by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
Episode 2 – “Anchor and Lobo”
Money Heist: Berlin Episode 2 Songs
“La Vie En Rose” by Emily Watts
“What a Wonderful World” by Goa
“Goosebumps and Butterflies” by Danny Farrant & Paul Rawson
“Mon manège à moi” by Étienne Daho
“I Love It (feat Charli XCX)” by Icona Pop
“Best Things Are for Free” by Ben Standage

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 3

Le Moulin De Ma Jeunesse by Tom Klein Gunnewiek
Et Maintenant by Gilbert Bécaud
Heaven Can Wait by Charlotte Gainsbourg

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 4

Blinded by the Sun by Nick Nolan
Que C’est Triste Venise by Charles Aznavour

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 5

Couleur Rock by Pierre Dubost
Forever Young by Youth Group
No me mires by Pol 3.14

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 6

Roi and Cameron in riding a motorcycle in Money Heist: Berlin
Julio Peña and Begoña Vargas in Money Heist: Berlin Tamara Arranz/Netflix
The Circle Game by Buffy Sainte-Marie
All of the Love in the World by Lily Kershaw
Damián by Lucas Peire and Frank Montasell

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 7

We’ll Be Alright by Amy Stroup
She Got the Devil by Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson
Be My Baby by The Ronettes
Stayin’ Alive (feat Ricardo Da Force) by N-Trance
Felicidad by Pedro Alonso and Tristan Ulloa
Kingpin Hustler by Andrew Britton and Wayne Murray

Money Heist: Berlin Episode 8

As Long As You’re With Me (feat Andrew Belle) by Amy Stroup
Que Me Coma el Tigre by Lola Flores
Each song was carefully picked to make you feel a certain way and add to the story. From the jazzy version of Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” to the classic charm of “La Vie En Rose,” the music becomes an important part of the story and gives the audience a memorable sound experience.

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