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[MGM+] FROM Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Elgin is alive

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 ‘From’ Season 2  Episode  8  titled “Forest for the Trees” introduces the possibility of dream attacks and raises doubts regarding the town’s population and the experiment in which they are participating. It also introduces fresh mysteries and developments. Elgin (Nathan D. Simmons) and Kenny (Ricky He) are both aware that the town’s residents are now facing a new peril as cicadas start to appear in their dreams. Randall, who continues to work with Jim Matthews (Eion Bailey), thinks that someone in the community is aware of the experiment they are participating in. When Jade noticed that Victor had not previously disclosed the underground tunnels, she confronts him about them. Tabitha decides to support Victor  (tvacute.com) Here is the conclusion of FROM Season 2 Episode 8, in case you were curious.

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[MGM+] FROM Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

In episode 8 of the mystery-horror series “From Season 2,” the town and its citizens are victimized by a brand-new kind of horror. At Colony House, Boyd is dating Ellis, and things are getting better between them. Before Ellis can deliver his news, Donna interrupts their talk. Boyd then tells Donna about Elgin’s near-death experience and requests that she offer Sara a job. Boyd locates Elgin in search of clarification, where he learns of Elgin’s dream in which he wakes up spitting water. Boyd displays the bile they collected to Elgin, who insists he hasn’t told anybody about what happened at the clinic.

In his nightmare, Kenny answers a call with a mysterious message about approaching threats and a suggestion to halt the music. He finds a burn mark on his arm as he wakes up, where a cicada insect had injured him in the dream. Elgin describes a similar nightmare in which a hideous woman tries to drown him. Despite the absence of any visible signs, he thinks someone shook him awake. When cicadas start to appear, Kenny and Elgin understand that a new threat has arisen: the residents of the town could be attacked in their dreams. So far, only people like Kenny and Elgin who were present when a monster was killed and close to its corpse have been impacted. Elgin recommends creating a silver bullet to fire at the monsters.

Afterward, Boyd tells Kenny about Elgin’s idea for the magic cure, and the two head to the clinic to get more bile. They run into a distraught Marielle at the clinic, who claims to have heard something coming from the boiler room where the monster has been kept.  After hearing buzzing inside the boiler room, Boyd and Kenny go to investigate. When they find the monster, it is covered in cicadas. Later, when they meet Kristi and Marielle, Kenny tells them about his dream before Donna interrupts them. Boyd then informs Donna about the creature, but he is unable to show her the body because the cicadas have vanished. Unaware that Randall is nearby and watching them from the woods, they decide to fire the monster.

Jim Matthews is still collaborating with the exiled miscreant Randall in the interim. Randall explains his hypothesis that residents of the town could be both involved in and working for the experiment’s organizers. He is concerned about the veracity of other deaths as well and thinks Father Khatri’s death may have been staged. Jim begins to agree with Randall’s theories and tells Sara about them, but Donna (Elizabeth Saunders) interrupts and cautions them not to accept Randall. Without Jim and Donna’s knowledge, Randall overhears their chat and develops misgivings about them. When Jim and Randall finally meet up, he discovers Donna restrained and Randall clutching a knife. Jim is now in serious difficulty since he realized he had trusted the wrong guy.

Victor also shares with Tabitha and Jade some information about his history. He remembers that many years ago, his mother had requested him to spend one night hiding in a cave. Victor had a sister named Eloise who left the shelter against their mother’s wishes, according to artwork from that era. Victor followed his mother’s advice and hid until the morning when he discovered no one else in the town. He also exhibits to Tabitha a drawing of a structure resembling a tower where his mother went that evening to save the kids. This sketch establishes a connection between the tower, Victor’s family, and the hideous kids Tabitha has come across by resembling the stone lighthouse from Season 1. Uncertainty surrounds the full significance of these disclosures, which will probably be covered in greater detail in subsequent episodes.

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