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Men Up (2023) Locations: Where was Men Up filmed?

BBC film Men Up is based on the true story of five Welshmen who took part in the world’s first testing site for the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra in Swansea’s Morriston Hospital in the mid-1990s. The new BBC film “Men Up” is executive produced by Russell T. Davies.
According to the BBC synopsis, the movie is about how the characters try to find love while they are in the clinical study. The drug gives them hope for a return to a lost closeness, but they know that the trial will take them to places they didn’t expect, making them rethink their lives. The film’s cast and crew include Iwan Rheon, Aneurin Barnard, Phaldut Sharma, Paul Rhys, Steffan Rhodri, Mark Lewis Jones, and Joanna Page. The script was written by Matthew Barry. In addition to the enthralling plot and breathtaking landscapes, tvacute delves into the magic that happens behind the scenes.
Is Meurig Jenkins, played by Iwan Rheon, based on a real person?

Where was Men Up filmed?

“Men Up” was shot in Swansea, Wales at the beginning of the year 2023. Before May 2023 came to a close, filming had been completed. It takes place in lots of beautiful Welsh locales, highlighting the beautiful scenery that Wales is known for.
Mumbles, Swansea:

Men_Up filming

The film crew checked out the pretty coastal area of Swansea’s Mumbles. This beautiful place, with its seafront, promenade, and nearby sites, was used as a background for one of the shows. The setting by the sea adds a touch of beauty and realism to the story.

Senghenydd Rugby Club

The Senghenydd Rugby Club is another interesting place where movies have been shot. This rugby club, which is set in beautiful valleys and mountains, becomes part of the story and helps show how Welsh towns live. The nearby landscapes make for a natural and interesting setting for the drama that is happening.

Morriston Hospital

The main setting of Morriston Hospital in Swansea is very important to the plot because it has a real-life link to the court cases shown in the series. Being able to show the hospital where the trials happened makes the medical events seem more real. It is a very important part of setting the story in its historical and physical setting.

Different Places in South Wales:

“Men Up”visits more than just sites; it also visits many other places in South Wales. The different settings, like hills, rivers, and residential areas, help tell the story by showing what it’s like to live in Wales. The choice of these places makes the show better, and the Welsh landscape becomes its character.
The cast and team of “Men Up” have said how much they love and appreciate the places where they film the show. Steffan Rhodri Said: “Well, it was filmed in Wales, and it’s also about a clinical trial that happened in the hospital where I was born.” Since I was born in Morriston Hospital, this story is about mine. In 1994, I was living in Swansea again, but I didn’t know this story was going on. So, anything that lets me film in Wales is great for me, and we’ve used places all over South Wales. But at first, some of the exteriors we used were in and around Swansea, which is where I grew up, so I was thrilled.
Mark Lewis Jones said, “It’s the best place to be filming right now, isn’t it?” It’s being talked about by everyone, which is good because I think we need to use all of Wales. I shot movies in North Wales last year and a few years ago, and I still think a lot of it is undiscovered.
  Joanna Page who played the role of Moira Davies said “It was great filming in South Wales. The hills were covered in little sheep, and there were houses all over the place. It was so grand, beautiful, and magical.”
When “Men Up” is filmed in Wales, it not only looks better, but it also feels more connected to the real events that inspired the plot. These places were chosen because they are true to life, and the show is meant to honor Welsh culture, towns, and the stunning natural beauty that makes the area unique.


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