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[Lifetime] V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Review

V.C. Andrews' Dawn: Part

The successful Lifetime adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ books is continued in the movie series Dawn Part 1. This time, the Cutler series is the main topic, beginning with the 1990 book Dawn. This follows the prequel to Flowers in the Attic.

The Longchamp family, who regularly relocate, is the focus of the 1973 story, which is set in a variety of settings. Together with her older brother Jimmy, Dawn Longchamp enjoys a close relationship with their parents, Ormand and Sally. In the hopes that it will be their last move, Ormand just accepted a position as the head custodian at a famous private high school in Richmond, Virginia.

At her new school, popular girl Clara Jean Cutler starts to bully Dawn after she unintentionally exposes her. Dawn tells her parents about the incident, and they express worry over the Cutlers’ attendance at the school. Dawn finds herself engaging with Clara Jean more often despite her attempts to avoid doing so, particularly after she wins the singing solo that Clara Jean intended to have.

After giving birth to Dawn’s younger sister, Sally becomes unwell and ultimately passes away. It is revealed in the hospital that Ormand is not Dawn’s biological father and that he and Sally abducted her soon after her birth. Clara Jean and Philip are her siblings, and Eugenia Cutler is who she really is.

Dawn is brought to the Cutler family hotel, which is run by Lilian Cutler, Dawn’s grandmother, who wields an iron fist. Dawn endures brutal treatment from Lilian, who also makes her work as a chambermaid. Randolph and Laura Jean, Dawn’s purported parents, are helpless in the face of Lilian’s dominance. Philip has a romantic interest in Clara Jean, who is still torturing Dawn. Dawn understands that her name is the only thing keeping them together, but Lilian insisted on naming her Eugenia, endangering their relationship.

V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Cast

Brec Bassinger as Dawn Longchamp, Jesse Metcalfe as Ormand (Dawn’s father), Khobe Clarke as Jimmy (Dawn’s brother), Donna Mills as Lillian Culter (Dawn’s grandmother), Elyse Maloway as Clara Jean Cutler, Joey McIntyre as Michael Sutton, and Fran Drescher as Agnes Morris.

[Lifetime] V.C. Andrews’ Dawn Review

Dawn of V.C. Andrews Four full-length episodes make up Part 1, the first of which features an episode that covers the events of the first Cutler novel. Even if the episode contains some foolish and ridiculous scenes, Brec Bassinger’s portrayal of Dawn and Donna Mills’ portrayal of Lilian assist the show to grow and develop. Fran Drescher and Joey McIntyre are introduced in the transition to the following episode as Dawn travels to New York to study music. Viewers anticipate seeing more of Donna Mills’ mesmerizing Lilian, who torments the entire Cutler family.

However, the first episode’s anticlimactic conclusion leaves the audience wanting more. Although there, the dark and incestuous themes that are typical of V.C. Andrews’ novels have little impact on the narrative. The episode is difficult to recommend because it has a poor budget and awkward dialogue. Overall, Dawn Part 1 by V.C. Andrews may draw some viewers in because of its campy elements, but it ultimately falls short of providing an engaging story.


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