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Lifetime: Girl in Room 13 Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Lifetime: Girl in Room 13 Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Girl in Room 13, which airs on Lifetime, is one of the last roles that Anne Heche will do. It is based on real events and will investigate the seedy underbelly of the industry of human trafficking in the United States. On August 5, in Los Angeles, California, Heche was involved in an automobile accident that caused him to incur serious head trauma, which ultimately led to his death. The award-winning actor in multiple Emmy categories was declared dead in a court of law on August 12, and on August 15, his life support was turned off. Here www.tvacute.com share with you everything we know about Anne Heche’s Last Movie Girl in Room 13.

Is Lifetime’s ‘Girl in Room 13’ based on a True Story?

Lifetime: Girl in Room 13 Release Date

Girl in Room 13 will have its world premiere on Lifetime on September 17 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. The next day, viewers will be able to watch it online via Lifetime’s streaming service.

Girl in Room 13 (2022) Cast

Anne Heche as Janie
Larissa Dias as Grace
Matt Hamilton as Burt
Max Montesi as Richie
Erika Bruci as Toni
Brian Cyburt as Rex
Sarah Peguero as Rosa

Girl in Room 13 Movie About

Heche plays Janie, and Larissa Dias plays her daughter Grace, who is a recovered addict who became addicted to opioids after a young patient’s doctor administered them for a sports injury. After spending three spells in treatment, Grace is attempting to rebuild her life. She secures employment at the restaurant run by her parents with their assistance and backing. But her friend forces her to meet Richie, her former flame and heroin dealer, and her past returns to haunt her. Grace fights for her life to escape the motel where she is being held captive after discovering that everything was an elaborate plan to sell her into sex trafficking. The only person who believes Grace’s relapsed is Janie, who also believes her girl is in danger. She starts a risky search to find Grace. Janie doesn’t stop until she learns about the pernicious world of human trafficking, its appalling statistics on its numerous victims, and its unexpected collaborators.

Girl in Room 13 (2022) Trailer

The television movie, which make its debut on September 17.

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