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Everything You Need to Know About ‘Kung Fu’ Season 2 Episode Guide | Release Date | Cast

The first season of Kung Fu was a brilliant and innovative reimagining of the classic 1970s television series of the same name, and perhaps the second season will follow suit.The CW’s Kung Fu is returning for more battles. The voyage of one woman to keep the peace will be more difficult than ever, and the streets of San Francisco will once again be crimson with sword fights and flying kicks. Olivia Liang plays Nicky Shen, a fighter who is pitted against a slew of evil forces as gory quests for vengeance and dominance litter the landscape.  Let’s lay out what we may expect next, with so much to discuss before Season 2 returns in full force in March.  Let’s have a look at the photos and synopsis of New Kung Fu Season 2 with www.tvacute.com.

When will Kung Fu Season 2 be released?

Kung Fu Season 2 will premiere on The CW on March 9 at 9 p.m. E.T. Its episodes will subsequently be accessible to watch on the CW streaming app exclusively. Season 1 of The CW streaming app and HBO Max may be seen in its entirety if you need to catch up on all the excitement so far. you can also buy or rent from video-on-demand services such as iTunes, and Apple TV.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode Guide

The second season of Kung Fu premiered on The CW on March 9, 2022. It’s expected to end on June 8, 2022, and it will be the last. Season 2 of Kung Fu will include a total of 13 episodes.  here we have Kung Fu Season 2 Episode Guide. Check it below.

‘Kung Fu’ Season 2 Episode 1: Year of the Tiger: Part 1

Air Date: March 9 – Joe Menendez directed the episode written by Christina M. Kim & Robert Berens

Synopsis: “FAMILY MATTERS — With the Lunar New Year around the corner, a more confident and grounded Nicky (Olivia Liang) finds herself in a great place in her relationship with Henry (Eddie Liu) and with her family. However, when a break-in at the Shen residence leaves her shaken, Nicky, with the help of Evan (Gavin Stenhouse), begins to suspect that Russell Tan (guest star Kee Chan) may be involved. Elsewhere, as Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan) and Jin (Tzi Ma) prepare for the New Year at Harmony Dumplings, Althea (Shannon Dang) begins to question whether she made the right decision re-entering the workforce. Finally, an unexpected visitor at the Shen’s New Year’s Eve dinner rocks the family to their core.

‘Kung Fu’ Episode 201 Cast: Jon Prasida, Tony Chung, Vanessa Kai and Yvonne Chapman also star. 

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 2 – Year of the Tiger: Part 2 – Air Date: March 16

Joe Menendez directed the episode written by Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis

Synopsis: “TAKING DOWN RUSSELL TAN — In the midst of Lunar New Year festivities in Chinatown, Nicky (Olivia Liang) tries to help her newly-discovered cousin Mia (guest star Vanessa Yao) understand her new reality. Meanwhile, as Nicky and Evan (Gavin Stenhouse) follow a lead involving one of Russell Tan’s (guest star Kee Chan) mercenaries, Henry (Eddie Liu) keeps an eye on Mia at the community center. Elsewhere, Ryan (Jon Prasida) meets Sebastian (guest star JB Tadena), Harmony Dumpling’s newest line cook and Kerwin (guest star Ludi Lin) is paid a surprise visit by his sister Juliet (guest star Annie Q.) Finally, Zhilan is forced to confront her past.

‘Kung Fu’ Episode 202 Cast: Kheng Hua Tan, Shannon Dang, Jon Prasida, Eddie Liu, Gavin Stenhouse, Tony Chung, Vanessa Kai and Yvonne Chapman also star.

‘Kung Fu’ Season 2 Episode 3 – The Bell – Air Date: March 23

Winnifred Jong directed the episode written by Brian Anthony

Synopsis: “INSIDE THE LION’S DEN — After a mishap forces her to re-evaluate her plan against Russell Tan (guest star Kee Chan), Nicky (Olivia Liang) turns her attention to finding out what Kerwin (guest star Ludi Lin) is up to after learning he’s back in the fold. Jin (Tzi Ma) offers help to an old friend at the Chinatown Arts Collective, and the team makes a big move against Russell Tan.

‘Kung Fu’ Episode 203 Cast: Kheng Hua Tan, Shannon Dang, Jon Prasida, Eddie Liu, Gavin Stenhouse, Tony Chung, Vanessa Kai and Yvonne Chapman also star.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 4: Synopsis

Synopsis: GIVING UP THE PAST – After finding himself in a bind, Dennis (Tony Chung) turns to Nicky (Olivia Liang) for help, leading them to uncover an auto theft ring in Chinatown. Elsewhere, when an argument about family causes Henry (Eddie Liu) and Nicky to have their first real fight, Henry reluctantly reconnects with his estranged father. Finally, Evan (Gavin Stenhouse) is forced to make a difficult decision that could cost him his job.

‘Kung Fu’ Episode 204 Cast: Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Shannon Dang and Jon Prasida also star. Richard Speight, Jr. directed the episode written by Richard Lowe

Kung Fu Season 2 Cast: In Kung Fu Season 2, who are the returning cast members?

 In Season 2 of Kung Fu, all of the main characters will return for more carnage and dumplings. The entire Shen family, including Nicky, Jin, Mei Li, Ryan, Althea, and Dennis, as well as Nicky’s ex-boyfriend Evan (Gavin Stenhouse), will be back. That means we’ll see more of Olivia Liang, the series’ leading lady, as well as Shannon Dang, Eddie Lu, Tan Kheng Hua, Jon Prasida, Gavin Stenhouse, and Tzi Ma. Vanessa Kai will reprise her role as Pei-Ling, Nicky’s moral compass, and departed Shifu.

It’s also worth noting that Yvonne Chapman, who plays Zhilan, has been promoted from a recurrent role to the main cast. This means that even being imprisoned after being apprehended in China, she will remain very much a part of the pandemonium. In Season 2, there will be new blood as well, with Vanessa Yao, Annie Q., and JB Tadena among the performers cast in recurring roles. Mia, Nicky’s cousin, and fellow warrior, will be played by Yao, Annie Q. will play the daughter of criminal Russell Tan (Kee Chan), and Tadena will play Sebastian, a new cook at Harmony Dumplings.

Watch the trailer for Kung Fu Season 2 below.


The Season 2 trailer shows that Nicky’s cousin, Mia, is planning a ruckus and will seek to reclaim Biange, due to a partnership with Tan’s ever-expanding company. Nicky can be seen fighting against her cousin in the teaser, masked and dressed in all black, in an epic clash that probably takes place during the Season 2 premiere, and it appears she’s met her equal in battle. It’s uncertain if Mia will stay with Tan or jump ship to join Nicky in her campaign to free San Francisco and Chinatown from criminals, but Nicky isn’t one to give up without a fight. There will be various conflicts across San Francisco as Tan strives to gain control of everyone and everything now that he has an army behind him.

What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Kung Fu?

Zhilan, step aside; there’s a new evil guy in town. Nicky was apprehended by Chinese authorities after successfully thwarting Zhilan’s attempt to possess Biange at the forge after taking all eight weapons. Enter Russell Tan, a wealthy businessman and billionaire on his own journey for revenge and power, with the ultimate goal of capturing Binge. After the two teamed up to steal all eight weapons, Zhilan appeared to murder his wayward son Kerwin. Zhilan assumed Kerwin was dead after the startling betrayal, but he was later proved to be alive during the Season 1 conclusion. Kerwin is seen on a hospital bed, hooked up to numerous gadgets, and appearing to be in poor health. Only time will tell if he is able to recover quickly. On the other hand, during the finale, Nicky’s ex-boyfriend and lawyer, Evan, discovered some surprising revelations. They discovered that Tan had been buying up an astounding amount of property throughout San Francisco, as well as the loyalty of numerous politicians and Evan’s boss, with the help of his assistant.

Corruption will be widespread across The City by the Bay and Chinatown, resulting in a whole new set of issues for Season 2. Last but not least, in the final moments of Season 1, Tan reveals that Nicky has a cousin named Mia, who is the daughter of both a guardian and a warrior. Expect Mia to emerge as a dark horse in Season 2 and cause major havoc as Tan strives to recapture Biange, which Mia will be instrumental in gaining because she is one of the few people who can use it. Mia is seen visiting the grave of Nicky’s deceased aunt and former warrior, Mei-Xue, in the last moments of Season 1, and it’s suggested that Mia could be her daughter. If this is the case, we may have two opposing soldiers in our midst.

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