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‘King The Land’ Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

king the land eps 12 recap

In this episode of King the Land,” there are both humorous and serious scenes. Hwa Ran’s marriage experiences trouble, and her relationship with her son deteriorates. The love story of Sa Rang and Gu Won takes a turbulent turn, leaving viewers worried about their future as the protagonists deal with their own problems. The episode creates the foundation for interesting character arcs and an emotional journey despite the impending challenges, making it captivating and engaging to watch. (tvacute.com)  We have a recap of ‘King The Land’ Season 1 Episode 12 in case you missed the exciting conclusion.

‘King The Land’ Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

In this episode of “King the Land,” a number of character developments take place. When The heir and head general manager of King Hotel Goo (Lee Jun-ho) Won and Cheon Sa Rang (Im Yoon-ah) are spotted kissing at Sa Rang’s home, No Sang Sik’s confusion regarding their romantic relationship is dispelled. Da Eul and Pyeong Hwa are shocked when Goo Won exposes his true identity to them. In the meantime, Pyeong Hwa confronts her elder about being divorced in the past as a result of a hoax marriage registration.

Assemblyman Park demands the termination of Sa Rang at the King Hotel after becoming enraged with Hwa Ran for being ignored at the celebration. Goo Won, though, stands up for Sa Rang, which makes Hwa Ran even more suspicious. In order to create a rivalry between Goo Won and Hwa Ran, the Chairman requests that they each submit a unique proposal to increase the hotel’s profit margin.

When serving the Chairman’s guests at the hotel after being chosen for the Dream Team, Sa Rang is astonished to see Yu Ri at the table. Goo Won and Sa Rang’s relationship is called into question when the Chairman proposes that Goo Won marry Yu Ri within a year. Hwa Ran is having problems in her personal life since her husband wants a divorce and she is having problems with her son.

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