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Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Episode 1 “Unholy Terror” – The Blagg Case investigated

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins

Two new true-crime programs will premiere on Oxygen in January. As shown in Oxygen’s new series, not all relationships end pleasantly. In the forthcoming episodes of Oxygen’s new series Killer Relationship starring Faith Jenkins, a family is ripped apart by murder. It delves into some of the most intriguing and heinous tales of love gone wrong. Unholy Terror is the title of the first episode, in which a mother and daughter are murdered in order to keep a secret hidden. The case of Michael Blagg is the focus of this episode. He was found guilty of the murder of his wife, Jennifer Blagg.  As stated in the description:

20 Years After His Wife’s Death, Where Is Michael Blagg Now?

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Episode 1 Synopsis: 

A twisted secret must be hidden at all costs. To prevent its exposure, a seemingly solid marriage between two deeply religious people is ruined. However, something even more precious is destroyed. Two lives are lost forever in the cold-blooded and desperate killings of a beautiful mother and daughter.

The case depicted in this exclusive clip comes from the episode “Unholy Terror.” watch it here

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Episode 1 Release Date

“Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins Episode 1, will release on Sunday, January 16 at 7/6c, followed by Real Murders of Atlanta at 8 p.m. ET/PT.  there is a total eight-episode in this season.  Each episode will hour-long.

Where to watch Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins?

It’s never been easier to watch Oxygen on your TV, smartphone, or computer. Watch Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins on the Oxygen App for iOS and Android by inputting your cable, digital, or satellite TV subscription information – or watch for free with three free credits.

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Where I Can Watch Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins On Streaming?

Seasonal shows can be seen live on Sling TV, FuBu TV Hulu Live TV, Direct TV, or YouTube TV. You may also watch full episodes by entering your cable subscriber information on Oxygen.com. Choose your streaming platform and start streaming with Oxygen!

What about Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins?

Reads the Synopsis below

“Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins” investigates burgeoning romances from their sweet beginnings, and follows what happened all the way through to their bitter endings. With her background as a criminal prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and with her expertise in matters of the heart, Faith Jenkins gives her professional POV of the nightmarish cases. With first-hand accounts from victims’ family, friends and law enforcement, each hour-long episode reveals the inner workings of intimate attachments that seemed fated to last forever and ended in murder.

Texas Crew Productions and Faith in Justice Productions are producing Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins. Executive producers for Texas Crew are David Karabinas, Mary Bissell, and Brad Bernstein, while Faith Jenkins is the executive producer for Faith in Justice.