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Kevin Costner asks a question in Instagram Post – Are you able to Give the Correct Answer

Kevin Costner

Yellowstone fans look forward to returning to Paramount Network for Season 4. Curious to know what the fate of the Dutton family is as the last season finale ended on a cliffhanger. Was Jamie responsible for the three attacks? But we’re not here for that, today we’ve come up with a throwback photo shared by Kevin Costner on Instagram. He wrote What’s going through John Dutton’s mind here? Wrong answers only.

The actor’s Instagram post received reactions from thousands of excited Yellowstone fans. Almost everyone responded with some variation, but some fans took advantage of the opportunity. Used to ask, when is the return of Yellowstone Season 4. hackworth.james’s wrote, I wonder if I should build a baseball field on my ranch??? triplejsandme wrote, I wish I was still The Bodyguard, it was less stressful. someone wrote: That Beth is an absolute angel. Peep it here.


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