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Is There a True Story Behind A Million Little Things? Why did Jon kill himself? And The mystery of Barbara Morgan

ABC’s ‘A Million Little Things,’ created by DJ Nash, is a family drama series that follows a group of Boston friends whose lives are turned upside down when one of them commits suicide. you may wonder if A Million Little Things is based on a genuine story. It appears that it was at the very least inspired by genuine events. Also, you’re certainly curious about how Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston) died. Why did he commit suicide?

A Million Little Things have attacked the drama for glamorizing suicide. While A Million Little Things was not inspired by an actual group of eight friends, it was inspired by Nash’s own experience with losing a buddy in a similar manner.  The initial idea for A Million Little Things was a very genuine and heartbreaking tragedy, despite the fact that most of the details of the new show are fictional. “One day I was walking and I ran into a buddy of mine, and we both lit up. It was like ‘dude!’ ‘Dude!'” the show’s creator DJ Nash detailed it in a preview video.

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“I don’t feel for a second like my lunch, our lunch could’ve saved him,” Nash previously said. “But I do feel a lot of seconds, like, we could have had one more lunch.” “I truly love this idea that everything happens for a reason,” Nash added. “At his burial, I made a promise to myself that I would live my life differently. I think that’s what you do when someone goes too soon. You use their death as a way to remind yourself to keep living.”

Why did Jon kill himself? And The mystery of Barbara Morgan

Whether you’ve been watching A Million Little Things since it premiered in 2018 or are just discovering it now, you’re certainly curious about how Jon Dixon (Ron Livingston) died. Season 1 focused on the events following Jon’s death and the mysterious clues he left behind. The subsequent consequences among his friends. All of his pals are curious as to why he committed suicide. In the Season 1 finale of A Million Little Things, viewers finally get answers. let’s start with the beginning. The shock in A Million Little Things season 1 finale revealed all about Jon’s (Ron Livingston) mind before his suicide, the mystery of Barbara Morgan, and all of Jon’s secrets from his closest friends and family.

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Jon, a businessman, parent, and buddy group ringleader, shocks everyone by throwing himself off his office balcony in the first episode of A Million Little Things. No one understands why Jon would do such a thing: he appeared to be the happiest and most successful of all the friends in their close-knit group. While Jon was certainly concealing information from his friends in the present day, such as the affair his wife, Delilah (Stéphanie Szostak), was having with his best friend, Eddie (David Giuntoli), it was his guilt over a previous occurrence that gnawed at him for years.

Jon revealed on a DVD acquired by Delilah that he and his Harvard roommate had tickets for a trip departing from Logan Airport…on September 11, 2001. Jon missed American Airlines Flight 11, but his companion was killed when the plane was hijacked and used in the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Jon was nearly devastated by the survivor’s guilt until he met Delilah at the airport the next year.

Who is Barbara Morgan In A Million Little Things?

Jon’s roommate’s girlfriend was Barbara Morgan (Drea de Matteo). She was expecting his child. When she runs into Jon in the airport a year after September 11, he’s enraged because she’s already seeing a firefighter who will raise the baby she was pregnant with when Dave died as his own. Jon’s guilt stemmed from the fact that he survived while Dave perished, as well as the fact that he abandoned Barbara and presumably all of his other pals, as no one in his life is aware of Dave’s death because he couldn’t face his sadness.

The teenage P.J. (Chandler Riggs), who Jon’s friend Rome (Romany Malco) meets in the hospital, is revealed to be Dave’s son. After P.J. reads the film script that Rome left in the waiting area, Rome and P.J. form a friendship. Rome is partially influenced by P.J. to reconsider having children, despite the fact that his wife Regina (Christina Moses) is adamant that children are not in her future. Though the finale concludes Jon’s story, it also begins a new one: Delilah gives birth to her child, who is not Jon’s as her children believe, but Eddie’s. Eddie appears to confess as much to his wife Katharine (Grace Park) in the last moments of the episode, whom he reconciled with after nearly divorcing.

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