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Ink Master Season 12 Finale Recap – Battle of the Sexes

INK MASTER Battle of the Sexes Laura Marie

Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes finale is the twelfth season of the tattoo reality competition Ink Master .  On 24 September  Ink Master Season 12 finale aired on Paramount Network .The finale was recorded live in Las Vegas . The stakes of the competition were $100,000 and a feature in “Inked” magazine yet as the title of Ink Master.

After beating 18 artists and defeating every challenge thrown at her, Laura Marie is finally crowned Ink Master. Creepy jason was the last man standing.

The artists’ final challenge was a back tattoo, that they completed on a neighborhood over many sessions at their home tattoo shops.

Creepy Jason’s full-back tattoo portrayed a swashbuckling temptress, complete with cutlas and shooting iron, pirate hat, belts and, of course, an patch. when thirty five hours, Laura Marie delivered a Japanese god back piece that secured her the win of Ink Master.

After a crazy 35 hours, Laura Marie, Creepy Jason and Dani Ryan reveal their incredible back pieces.


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