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“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: All of our main characters in the Industry series only exist in connection to their jobs. Even in the brief moments when we catch a peek at their private lives. They faced their pasts last week and realized how their families might have been holding them back. After last week’s emotional deep dive across all characters, this week’s episode is fast-paced, and anxious, with a single focus on a Fast Aid brief squeeze. Regarding Fast Aid, Harper and Jesse’s argument dominates in “Industry” Season 2 Episode 6. Gus who left that organization or sector now serves as a case study. Bear in mind that Harper instructed Jesse to sell Fast Aid, but to do it through Goldman and not Pierpoint. In this episode, we find out that, contrary to Harper’s predictions. www.tvacute.com provides a comprehensive recap on this page.

“Industry” Season 2 Episode 7: Yasmin becomes involved in a Critical Situation

“Industry” Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Yasmin is swanning her way out of FX and into private wealth management, appearing to have moved past the strangeness of learning that she has a half-sibling from the previous episode.  Yasmin and Celeste sip martinis nonstop. Yasmin scolds Kenny for joining. Celeste quickly shifts the topic to their growing sexual apprehension. Yasmin prepares to depart the FX desk and receives a succession of amusing, adorable, and embarrassing gifts from Jackie, Venetia, and Kenny.  Gus’s sister brings wine and Chinese food to Aurore’s office, where they discuss jobs. Gus (David Jonsson) refuses the promotion. His sister is cool with it and says she’ll meet him in Eton for confirmation. Gus offers to pay for one of his frequent constituents’ counseling sessions out of his own pocket. Leo didn’t get into Oxford, He asks Jesse to send a car for Gus when his train is canceled due to a frozen track. Gus’ sister changes her tune at the confirmation and tells him it’s “time to quit dancing.” His parents have a permissive attitude toward his sexuality, therefore he wants a career that will satisfy them.

Yasmin leaves for lunch, but Celeste just wants a drink of water. Yasmin is glowing and preening after having sex with Celeste. Things aren’t as provocative as Yasmin thinks. Celeste tells Yasmin she has an open marriage, therefore their lunchtime orgies were legal. Yasmin’s face sinks; she realizes she’s not special.  Yasmin grabs her belongings from her desk and heads back to the office before heading upstairs to private wealth. Venetia finds a snapshot Rob gave Yasmin last season of him wearing her panties. Yasmin says it’s a joke, but it clearly unsettles Venetia and Yasmin. Kenny chases Yasmin and apologizes as he breaks down in tears.

Harper finds herself into a pickle she can’t escape. Bear in mind that Harper instructed Jesse to sell Fast Aid, but to do it through Goldman and not Pierpoint. In this episode, we find out that, contrary to Harper’s predictions, Reddit investors have gathered to buy Fast Aid shares out of a shared sense of nostalgia, which has caused the price to rise. This suggests Harper’s suggestion to Jesse was bad. Jesse is angry, but not because Harper misled him financially. Jesse talks to Harper in a conference room and is furious that she has ignored his calls since returning from Berlin. Jesse asks DVD what he would do if someone instructed him to short Fast Aid. DVD answers he’d cut relations with whoever gave him such awful advice, not knowing Jesse is talking about Harper. DVD knows something is wrong when Jesse leaves, but Harper won’t tell him. He claims that the London desk is doomed and that he has chosen her to be “beamed up to the mothership,” or sent to New York, in an effort to gain her trust or strengthen their bond.

Harper smokes to relieve stress as Fast Aid rises. Eric, her old mentor is having a crisis. Harper is shocked to see Eric slumping. Eric says his setback is his fault, but also DVDs’. DVD outmaneuvered Eric, but Adler looked to be pushing Eric out anyhow. Eric seems to be fostering tension between Harper and DVD. Harper plans to take advantage of Pierpoint while making Jesse rich in an effort to win Jesse over to her and away from the bank. Harper first succeeds in getting Jesse what he wants over the phone, but DVD was listening the whole time.

Harper is indifferent. He orders her to go because she has exposed herself as someone who prioritizes personal achievement over the interests of the company. Harper got what she wanted after all… until another upswing in Reddit investors drives up the price of Fast Aid. Her scheme to make Jesse rich falls through. Harper visits Bloomberg Invest where Jesse is scheduled to speak after her abject failure at the desk. She tells him how to shift the market in his favor. Jesse claims he never came to London to work but rather to be closer to his son Leo. So it comes as no surprise when he chooses to abandon the Bloomberg discussion and go be with his son in a time of need, leaving Harper all alone. Harper walks into Eric’s office and inquires about their collective bid value. Eric is reading something in his workplace.



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