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In Star Trek: Discovery, Who Plays Saru?

Star Trek: Discovery

There are personalities in the broad world of science fiction who leave a lasting impression on viewers’ hearts and thoughts. Saru, a pivotal figure in the Star Trek universe, is one such character that has captivated the attention of viewers all around the world. We will dig deeper into the Star Trek: Discovery universe and examine the amazing Saru character in the sections that follow. We will also learn more about actor, the accomplished performer who has embodied Saru with extraordinary talent and commitment.

Who Plays Saru In Star Trek: Discovery?

Saru is a totally distinct figure in the ever-developing Star Trek world. Being the first of his race to voluntarily leave his homeworld and join Starfleet, he is a Kelpien who was born on the planet Kaminar. Saru’s voyage is evidence of his bravery and tenacity.

The premiere episode of Star Trek: Discovery features Saru’s introduction, during which we see him meet Michelle Yeoh’s Starfleet Lieutenant Philippa Georgiou for the first time. His life would change dramatically as a result of this encounter. It’s vital to remember that Saru is not just played by any actor; Doug Jones takes on this difficult job with extraordinary skill.

Who plays the first officer Saru?

The iconic Saru character from Star Trek: Discovery was created by the outstanding actor, contortionist, and mime artist Doug Jones. Jones, who was born on May 24, 1960, has an extensive and famous career and is known for using detailed makeup and special effects to portray non-human animals. In films like Mimic (1997), Hellboy (2004), Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008), Crimson Peak (2015), and The Shape of Water (2017), he has worked with famous director Guillermo del Toro and earned several memorable parts.

Under layers of prosthetic makeup, Jones is able to communicate nuanced emotions and personalities that are quite impressive. He is a master of change in the acting world, effortlessly taking on roles as varied as the amphibious Abe Sapien in Hellboy and the repulsive Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth.

Doug Jones, however, is not just cast in parts that call for elaborate makeup and costumes. He has demonstrated his acting talent in movies like Adaptation, Mystery Men, and Batman Returns without the use of prosthetics. His ability to switch between roles that need for heavy makeup and those where his natural expressions take center stage demonstrates his commitment to the art of acting.

Doug Jones’ dedication to learning languages and assimilating into other cultures for his parts is an intriguing aspect of his career. In order to voice his characters in Pan’s Labyrinth, he had to learn Spanish in addition to navigating the difficulties of prosthetics. His performances reflect his commitment to realism, which makes his characters seem real and approachable even when they are fanciful.

Jones’ career as an actor serves as proof that acting is a holistic endeavor. He has an unmatched ability to elicit emotions from the audience, whether he is playing a twisted creature, a shady faun, or a mute mime. His work with heavy prosthetics has expanded the boundaries of what an actor is capable of, demonstrating the universality of the performing craft.

A new high point in Doug Jones‘ already famous career came in 2017 when he was cast as Commander Saru in Star Trek: Discovery. Saru’s character is difficult to portray in terms of makeup and special effects, but it also necessitates a thorough comprehension of the Star Trek universe and what Starfleet is all about. Fans of the series have praised Jones’ portrayal of Saru as a Kelpien with keen senses and a deep sense of empathy.

Saru experiences a lot of growth throughout his voyage in Star Trek: Discovery, from his early years on Kaminar to his choice to join Starfleet and leave his homeworld behind. Doug Jones’ portrayal of Saru as a character who develops into a reputable Starfleet officer and even takes on the position of captain perfectly captures the essence of this metamorphosis. His acting talent is evident in the complexity and depth he gives Saru’s character.

Doug Jones has continued to shine in a variety of positions in addition to his job as Saru. In 2019, he became a cast member of the vampire comedy series What We Do in the Shadows, adding yet another dimension to his broad range of experience. His versatility as an actor is shown by his ability to switch between genres and characters with ease.

In the popular Halloween movie sequel Hocus Pocus 2, Doug Jones reprised his role as Billy Butcherson, much to the pleasure of fans. This return to a well-known role demonstrated his ongoing popularity in the film industry.


Doug Jones is a great master of change in the world of science fiction and fantasy. His commitment to the acting craft is evident in his ability to bring characters to life, whether they be fantastical creatures or profoundly human personas. Jones has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, beginning with his early work as a mime and contortionist and continuing with his renowned performances in the Star Trek series and Guillermo del Toro’s films.

The spirit of exploration, personal development, and empathy that characterizes the Star Trek world is embodied by Saru, the character played by Doug Jones in Star Trek: Discovery. The Kelpien has become a cherished and essential element of the series as a result of Jones’ portrayal of Saru finding resonance with viewers.

Looking ahead, we can only hope for Doug Jones to continue putting on outstanding performances in both his well-known parts and the new challenges that lie ahead. He reminds us that great craftsmanship knows no boundaries and that the depths of imagination can be brought to life with devotion, passion, and a dash of magic, serving as an inspiration to aspiring actors through his journey as an actor. Doug Jones is a living example of the persuasiveness of narratives and the persistent allure of characters that win our affection and spark our imagination.


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