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How To Get Your First Job In Filmmaking Industry

If you love movies and want to be part of the process of making them, but you don’t have the acting skills, it’s not a problem. You probably have other talents.

There is a stereotype in society that working in the film industry requires acting skills and innate artistry. In fact, a large number of specialists of various profiles participate in the filmmaking process — you may find vacancies from screenwriters to composers of film music positions. And you can become a part of this creative and fascinating world as well.

Work in this niche includes the creation, editing, and release of movies and other multimedia materials. If you have certain experience and are interested in finding a position in the field, you can take some time to review the various job openings available. But it will definitely take some time.

In this article, we will consider what you should pay attention to when looking for your first film job, whether you are an actor or want to get into a sound engineer position.

1. Take Your Time and Write a CV

This tip may seem obvious and unnecessary to many, but you can’t do without it in any way. It’s crucial to compose your resume well since the niche is quite competitive. Use specialized resume writing services, platforms, or templates, and don’t forget to indicate the main advantages over other applicants.

Take your time and write a CV

Moreover, be sure to post your CV on various specialized resources, and don’t forget to attach your portfolio if you have one. This will allow you to demonstrate your previous work to a future employer.

2. Get the Necessary Education

We all understand that in order to get your first position in the film industry, you need to have not only talent, relevant knowledge, and skills but confirm your education which may also be required. Of course, there are different requirements for the position of director or assistant costume designer. But it won’t be superfluous to provide evidence of your professional skills at the interview.

3. Make Useful Contacts

It’s an obvious fact that getting into a certain field is much easier if there are acquaintances who are already working in this niche. Learn basic communication skills, attend various and special meetings and events, and make useful contacts. Building a strong network can increase your knowledge of what offers are currently available and where to find work. We all know how difficult it is to get into the film industry.

4. Use Social Media

An active online life can tell a lot about you as a person. Today, many HRs (if not all) pay attention to the social networks of the applicant when applying for a job. They can conclude (from them) what kind of lifestyle you lead and what kind of reputation you have.

If you keep a personal blog or post your portfolio on Instagram, this can also work in your favor. In addition, you can also make acquaintances with influencers from the niche on social media, keep in touch with them in the future, and find out all the relevant and interesting information.

5. Be Confident and Persistent

Most likely, you won’t succeed immediately and won’t get the desired position on the first attempt. But there is nothing to worry about, and you need to be prepared for this. After a refusal, you shouldn’t give up. You should move forward toward your goal. First of all, you must prove to yourself that nothing will stop you on the way to your dream.

Be confident, assertive, and positive when communicating with a future boss. Perhaps, somewhere you should show courtesy and somewhere — insist on your opinion. Most importantly, you must demonstrate that you are not afraid of rejection, are not afraid of work, and are ready for everything (well, almost everything) for the sake of your goal and this position.

Summing Up

Some film production employers are looking for someone with experience in the field or a specific position. But if you don’t have one, don’t despair. After all, if you really want something, you can definitely achieve it. Go to auditions if you are an aspiring actor. Show your portfolio if you are an editor or costume designer. Demonstrate your communication and time management skills if you are interviewing for an assistant position.

Remember that a big part of your success depends on you and on your desire to get this job.

We wish you the best of luck and career heights!

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