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How to Deal With a Heartbreak (2023) Movie Ending Explained!

How to Deal With a Heartbreak (2023) Movie

Imagine a rollercoaster of emotions, a journey through the highs and lows of life, all bundled up in a delightful 2023 light-hearted comedy film. Beneath the direction of Joanna Lombardi, “How to Deal With a Heartbreak” captivates viewers with a cast that includes Jason Day, Jely Reategui, Gisela Ponce de Leon, Karina Jordan, Ana Maria, Christopher Von Uckermann, Norma Martinez, Rodrigo Raffetto, and more. This movie tells the account of gifted writer Maria Fe’s quest for creativity in the face of grief and tragedy. The climax of “How to Deal With a Heartbreak” is a moving and intense way to wrap up Maria Fe‘s creative and self-discovery journey. We (tvacute.com) will examine the main components of the conclusion and give a thorough explanation of how everything works out.

 “How to Deal with a Heartbreak” Movie Story

Gisela Ponce de Leon plays Maria Fe, our main character, who is a talented writer and content producer. She had once written a book that was a global sensation and a huge smash. But after this achievement, Maria enters a reflective phase where she looks for ideas for her next great work of literature.

Fernando, Maria’s father, is her biggest supporter and has always supported her without fail in her writing and internet activities. Elena, her mother, on the other hand, encourages her to start writing her next book and stresses the value of taking action.

Maria returns to Lima on her creative journey, where her friends Natalia and Carolina prove to be invaluable sources of encouragement. The story is made more complex by her determination to investigate parenting in an unusual way and her reunion with successful pastry chef Carolina. Maria’s meeting with her publisher, Orozco, prepares her for her next task: releasing her book in three months at an upcoming book fair.

But after Maria learns the heartbreaking news of her father’s passing, her life takes a tragic turn. She was going to dedicate her next book to him, so this loss really gets to her. After a while, inspiration runs out and finishing the work seems like an impossible task.

Despite her loss, Maria’s mother gives her encouragement to keep going because she recognizes the value of her daughter’s aspirations and commitments. Maria returns to Lima with a renewed sense of purpose after pledging to honor her father’s memory by realizing her aspirations. Jason Day’s character Luca is played by her as she sets out on a path of self-improvement, leading a healthier lifestyle and even getting back in touch with an old friend.

Maria’s enrollment in a creative writing workshop is intended to spark her imagination, according to Elena. Still, Maria is hesitant at first because she is dubious of organized seminars. She enjoys the independence of her own creative process but finally strikes up a conversation with another class participant, Joaquin, that she wasn’t expecting.

“How to Deal With a Heartbreak” Movie: Ending Explained!

When Maria chooses to spend the night with Luca, her search for inspiration takes an interesting turn. She understands that in order to write more relatable, one must have relationships and life experience. This is a crucial decision because it gives her motivation and renewed confidence, which helps her cope with the approaching deadline.

Her joy is short-lived, though, as Luca introduces her to Ari, his girlfriend, and makes it clear that he already has a major commitment in his life. Maria is devastated by this realization and is left in a state of emotional instability. When she finds out that her mother intends to donate her late father’s possessions, she takes her frustration out on her.

Maria finds guidance from the workshop host during these personal problems. She gives Maria advice on how to transform her weaknesses into strengths by expressing her hurt and anxieties via her writing. In addition to facing her personal anxieties, Maria helps her friends Carolina and Natalia through their individual struggles.

Maria offers Natalia comfort when she feels overwhelmed by the demands of a traditional wedding: important events should take precedence over grandiose ceremonies. Maria’s surety gives Carolina the confidence she needs to take the leap into motherhood, as she struggles with self-doubt about becoming a mother herself.

Maria turns to breathing techniques and yoga to get calm and focus in order to face her anxieties and reclaim her sense of clarity. She devotes her entire being to her work with clarity and composure, and in the end, it serves as a monument to her development and fortitude.

Joaquin, her confidant from the group, is excited to see her novel finished. His approval and encouragement provide her the sense of validation she’s been looking for for her efforts. In closing remarks, Maria dedicates her book to her late father, her biggest fan, and thanks him for his unfailing love and support.


The lighthearted comedy “How to Deal With a Heartbreak,” which opens in 2023, takes viewers on a voyage of self-discovery, resilience, and the strength of creativity in the face of hardship. Gisela Ponce de Leon did a fantastic job portraying Maria Fe’s narrative, which serves as a reminder that we may draw strength and inspiration from within ourselves, even in our darkest hours.

In addition to examining the difficulties associated with bereavement and the quest for inspiration, this movie also highlights the value of family support and the grace of self-improvement. Maria’s journey from a writer facing her inner demons to a self-assured, mature, and profoundly human person is proof of the resiliency of the human spirit.

The touching story How to Deal With a Heartbreak encourages us to accept our weaknesses and use them to our advantage. It’s a reminder that even in the middle of grief, we can find our real selves and use the suffering to create something lovely. Thus, keep Maria Fe’s path in mind the next time life throws you a curveball and muster the courage to handle your own heartbreak, in whatever shape it may take.

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