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Honor Society Review

Honor Society Movie; Release Date, Cast

The prospect of Honor Rose (Angourie Rice) entering college is so terrible for both students and parents. “Honor Society” approaches the level of a horror thriller. Overachievers are one thing, but. A malicious person deliberately works to undermine the competitors. A person who enjoys her own cunning may be the embodiment of evil. So why does Honor want to get in the way of Michael’s hopes and dreams?

Honor (Angourie Rice) combines the former’s solipsism and the latter’s self-serving resourcefulness to plan her upcoming semester at Harvard. She has spent four years planning this. Harvard is the only school that can guarantee her a one-way departure, she thinks. Her middle-class existence isn’t bad, and her parents are caring. she’s only conscious of the limited options in her small town.

This hard worker has a full resume: She is an A-grade student, a good person, a self-starter, and the founder of a karate club. She has a much-wanted letter of recommendation from her guidance counselor, Mr. Calvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is now at another high school.

Honor is always a few steps ahead of everyone else and she knows Mr. Calvin has Ivy League connections who could be helpful. . Honor finds that three students are also trying to get his attention Michael (Gaten Matarazzo), Kennedy (Amy Keum), and Travis (Armani Jackson), who’s dating the school’s prettiest female.

Honor finds it easy to ruin the last two. She is a master schemer, and she talks the school’s drama club into putting on Kennedy’s original historical play. This is a huge extracurricular activity that will keep Kennedy away from schoolwork. She gets Travis to join the production after learning he’s gay, bringing him closer to the lad he’s had a crush on and delaying his studies. But how do get Michael’s attention?

Angourie Rice has made a strong impression in movies. Once again, she does a great job in a difficult role that asks a lot of her. she knows that what Honor wants. So, she gives her character a showy front. She doesn’t soften until Honor feels real feelings for Michael, but not before she plays cruelly with her prey. Michael starts out as a shy, secretive who becomes more confident. In other places, Kennedy and Travis get stronger on their own, because of the good things Honor has done for them without knowing it. Kennedy is especially good at writing plays. Her play about Queen Bloody Mary which is set in a high school but costs a lot of money.

“Honor Society,” which was written by David A. Goodman and directed by Oran Zegman, has a little bit of Mean Girls, a little bit of Clueless, and a lot of election in it. Ms. Rice is the main attraction and a revelation . As the present-tense time catches up with her plans, she talks to the less, but she is still fascinating. Michae is one of the three other Ivy League-level kids in town.  some recent high school films have been smart and entertaining. “Honor Society” aims to something more perilous even sensual edge that makes the audience a little uneasy.

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