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Honkai: Star Rail 1.2: Release Date, Story Missions, and Exciting Events Revealed

 Honkai: Star Rail 1.2:

Get ready for the highly anticipated Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 update!

The future version’s release date, new characters, story missions, and a variety of scheduled events have all been revealed by developer HoYoverse. This turn-based RPG provides players with new stuff to explore with each update, including compelling campaign progress and momentary happenings.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.2’s assortment of new characters, story missions, locations, opponents, and engaging events promise to make for an exciting experience for gamers. Get ready to set out on an exciting voyage full of discoveries, thrilling battles, and fascinating stories. Learn about the fascinating updates and exhilarating adventures Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 has in store for you.

On July 19, Honkai: Star Rail 1.2 will be released, so mark your calendars and get ready to enter the enthralling world.

 Honkai: Star Rail 1.2: Maps, foes, and a new boss

Get ready to explore two fascinating new maps in Xianzhou Luofu’s Star Rail 1.2 update. The previously mentioned Alchemy Commission will eventually be explorable and contain interesting puzzles and key plot points. At the base of the flagship, the Scalegorge Waterscape offers a distinctive setting with water-filled layouts. Players will also come up against strong foes like Yanqing, The Ascended, and the Malefic Ape. Notably, the story missions include an exciting confrontation with Phantylia, the Undying, which is followed by future battles as an Echoes of War weekly boss.

 Honkai: Star Rail 1.2: New Characters

Blade and Kafka are two eagerly awaited new characters in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2. In the first half of the version, Blade will be the main character and players will have access to higher drop rates for him.

In Blade’s character banner, Arlan, Sushang, and Natasha will all have improved drop rates. Phase 2 will center on Kafka, the eagerly anticipated Lightning Nihility character, who will be joined by Luka, a brand-new 4-star Belobog character. Through the gacha system, players can obtain Kafka’s 5-star signature, Light Cone, Patience Is All You Need.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.2: Game Features and Events

Players can take part in a variety of exciting events in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2. Players will embark on an exploration and battle journey with the storyteller at Starskiff Haven while playing Tales of the Fantastic, which offers numerous rewards, including Stellar Jade. Players are invited to explore new sections of Belobog’s mines, engage in combat with adversaries, and take part in a mini-mining game during the Underground Treasure Hunt event.

Players may also look forward to the Where Are You Mystery Trotter event, which involves searching Jarilo-VI in Honkai: Star Rail for hidden Warp Trotters and offers chances to gain Stellar Jade and special goodies. Other developments include Simulated Universe improvements, Forgotten Hall changes, and the addition of new seasonal ornaments to the Cavern of Corrosion.


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