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Is Griselda on Netflix Based on Real Events?

Griselda on Netflix

Griselda on Netflix is a show that follows the life of a Colombian drug lord. “Griselda” was created by Eric Newman and directed by Andrés Baiz, who worked together on the popular shows Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. The story takes place amid Miami’s drug trade, giving fans a look into the stylish and troubled era of the 1970s and 1980s.  The show promises a unique mix of drama, humor, emotion, and tension. Many people are very interested in the show and want to know if it is based on real events.

Is Griselda on Netflix based on true events?

Yes, the Netflix show “Griselda” is based on real events. In it, we learn about the exciting life of Griselda Blanco, a businessman from Colombia who became a major player in Miami’s drug trade. The show is a dramatization of her trip that mixes facts with creative storytelling to show the good and bad times in Griselda’s life as “The Godmother.” Even though the show isn’t a documentary, it’s based on the real-life of this famous person.

Griselda Blanco, also known as the “Cocaine Godmother,” was a dangerous Colombian drug lord who was part of the drug trade in Miami from the 1970s to the early 2000s. She set up a huge network to deliver drugs in the US while working for the Medellín Cartel and made $80 million a month. Blanco was arrested in 1985 and first faced federal drug charges, then state murder charges. He pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and was given a 15-year term. She was freed in 2004 because of health problems and lived quietly in Medellín. Blanco was killed in Medellín on September 3, 2012, when he was 69 years old. In her personal life, Blanco was married four times and had four children. Her son Michael Corleone Blanco became famous and had court problems.

Eric Newman and Andrés Baiz, who created the show, talk about how interested they are in Griselda as a character. They talk about how hard it is and how rewarding it is to soften a character who is usually seen as evil. “Griselda is a rise-and-fall story like none we have ever seen before,” says Newman. It’s exciting, sad, funny, scary, and emotional.

Newman praises Sofia Vergara for her performance as the dangerous Griselda Blanco. Even though Vergara’s earlier roles were very different, Newman is sure that she can become the character. He says, “She was perfect for the role –– not only because she, like Griselda, is a single mother who came to America from Colombia with nothing and built an empire –– but because it was unexpected of her to do [so].”

Griselda Blanco’s son Michael gets more attention when he sues Sofia Vergara and Netflix. Surprisingly, Michael, speaking for his mother’s estate, claims that their family’s image and character is being used without permission in the new show. While the family wants to stop the release of “Griselda,” they say that the show uses Michael’s interviews and other materials without giving him credit.

Michael Blanco says that he has been giving talks for years to people who want to write about his life and the life of his mother. From 2009 to 2022, these conversations were meant to be the basis for a possible Hollywood project that could include a book and a show. Michael said that Netflix was interested, but they chose not to use any of the information or advice they got from his conversations.

Now that we’re in the present, Michael says that the “Griselda” series uses a lot of his stories and materials without paying him for them. According to the lawsuit, Netflix took the Blanco family’s story and used it for the show, even using pictures and likenesses of the family without their approval.

Sofia Vergara, who is an executive producer on the movie and is involved in the legal battle, is an interesting character. The case brings up issues about intellectual property rights, the creative process, and the lines between drawing from real events and making them up in fiction in the ever-changing world of entertainment.


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