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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 15 Release Date & Preview of “Lunar New Year”

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In the final moments in Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 14, there was a good atmosphere about Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Jamie (Beau Mirchoff), Alice, Davia, and Denise. Lawyer Jamie returns to court for some fascinating court case fun. Alice took another stand and Gael was able to resolve their co-parenting issues. Davia and Matt make a great couple. Lindsay interrupts Sumi and Alice’s celebration. Do you think there are still feelings between Jamie and Callie and Sumi (Kara Wang) and Alice? To see that, we’ll have to go back to a future episode of Good Trouble Season 3, titled “Lunar New Year”, the episode will have a festive atmosphere.

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 16 Photos

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 15 Recap

The manager of The Coterie apartment building Alice (Sherry Cola) is organizing a festival at Coterie. Obviously, the involvement of multiple characters in one place. Although so many characters live together, this kind of phenomenon is rarely seen. This story will focus on relationships in many different ways. Conflict will arise between those who are already married and those who are thinking about their future.

Take have a look at the synopsis, promo, and photos of the new episode 15 of Good Trouble with www.tvacute.com. Along with this, you can also read the recap of episode 14 of Good Trouble Season 3,  to make better sense for the new episodes.

Good Trouble 3 Episode 3.15 Synopsis:  Alice hosts a Lunar New Year celebration at the Coterie; Callie and Gael address their communication issues; Malika and Tanya forge a new relationship; Davia struggles with her feelings for Matt and Dennis.

Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 15 Release Date

In the midst of the Olympics, Freeform continues to offer viewers new episodes regardless of episode ratings. Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 14 will release on August 11 at 10 p.m. on Freeform and you can watch it again the following day on Hulu.

Good Trouble Episode 3.14 Recap

Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) has a secret meeting with someone to find out more about the case when Davia and Matt (Erik Stocklin) hang out in the Koty kitchen. And then Denise (Josh Pence ) has an encounter with Davia (Emma Hunton) and Matt, the trial jury is being selected and all the collaborators review them. Kathleen sells her the jury pool list. Rowan says he has a photographic memory. Isabella and Gael (Tommy Martinez)  spend time in the room of the future child. Scott holds a racial stance, making them all participate, but Alice is left alone. Sumi then goes to meet Alice to please her. They go out for drinks. Denise plays in a bar. When the crowd didn’t win, Dennis asked Davia to sing with him at his gig. she gets upset and leaves.

At the bar, Alice and Sumi deal with some anti-Asian bullshit. Kathleen (Constance Zimmer) tasked Kelly with pacifying Tommy, and Katie becomes jealous. finally, Alice finds a creative way to implement her sketch. The good news, Gael and Isabella are with a new little guest, a girl. Dennis buys a food truck to satisfy his newfound passion. Lindsay interrupts Sumi and Alice’s celebration. Tony warns Callie about Nicolette (Catherine Haena) and Jamie. Callie and Jamie, Alice and Davia all have thoughts about their love lives.

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