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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12 “Family First” Preview & Release Date

Finally, after a one-month break, NBC’s Good Girls is back on screen. In which we see, how women fail in their purpose, and lose money in a casino. So do you want to know what will happen next in Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12? Let us tell you, the upcoming episode titled “Family First” is going to be very interesting. As we know, once Rio decides anything, he does not turn back without completing it. To know more about Good Girls Season 4 New Episode 12, enjoy its synopsis and promo with tv acute. In the 15 second promo we can see, Rio is with Annie. It looks like he’s about to use Annie against Beth for revenge. Beth is shocked when she sees a young boy outside the door. We know he has four children of whom we are familiar with three.

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Good Girls Episode 412 Synopsis: A frustrated Rio takes matters into his own hands. More complications arise as the strip club undertakes some trouble. Dean forges an unexpected alliance with Stan.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode12 Release Date

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 12, release date is July 1, 2021, on NBC. If you forgot to watch this day So you’ll also be able to watch new episodes for the next day’s streaming on NBC.com. One thing to remember, there will be no break after this. Good Girls Season 4 has a total of 16 episodes which will wrap up on July 22 (we will get back to back episode in the finale) .

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

This week’s episode has a flashback scene where the women plan their way to smuggle cash into Canada, which is to be on a boat. In the present times, everything goes according to plan. But when the women meet for a boat ride, they are stopped by Stan’s friend, a cop. And he gives Beth a ticket for trespassing. And Stan takes the money box back. Then Beth and Nick make a deal, that in exchange for helping him with his trespassing ticket, she agrees to help him in their community garden. Eventually, the women drive into Canada, and are chased by the people of Rio. So they decide to dump the money, but lose it at the casino. Stan tells Ruby about the deal he made with Beth and she has tears in her eyes.

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