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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 5 “Au Jus” Recap

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Here is a short recap of Good Girls Season 3 Episode 5 named “Au Jus” that aired March 15, 2020. Let’s start the recap .

The episode begins with Rio and Beth collaborating so as to begin their new business of printing fake notes. However, when one of his posse individuals appears to have a more-than-required measure of enthusiasm over the store’s print machine, Beth starts to question his aims.

Along these lines, she brings the printing plates to Ruby and Annie and requests that they conceal the instruments one each. As per Beth, without the plates or the ladies, Rio wouldn’t have the option to maintain the business.

The trio at that point approaches Lucy and looks for help for making more structures. In any case, Lucy has just gotten the hang of everything about the phony cash activity and denies any guide. The ladies at that point break into her home and take her cute pet flying creature. Afterward, Rio visits Lucy and the two talk about craftsmanship and imagination. She consents to assist Rio with his undertaking.

Rio at that point has a good time with the ladies, Lucy notwithstanding. What’s more, out of the blue, he shoots Lucy point-clear, saying he needn’t bother with her any longer. The women are damaged. Ruby asks Stan to not abandon her yet and Beth embraces Lucy‘s feathered creature as the family’s new pet.

In the end, we meet Lucy’s sweetheart who is attempting to discover his accomplice.

Next episode 6 “Frere Jacques” of Good Girls airs Sunday, March 22  at 10:00 pm on NBC.

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