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Gina's 35 birthday

Actress Gina Rodriguez’s 35th birthdays July 30. JANE THE VIRGIN Season 5 is coming to an end  on her birthday week. The 100th episode will be the last ever episode of Jane the Virgin and will be an hour-long special airing on The CW .

Gina Rodriguez is an American actress who is best known for her leading role on The CW’s ‘Jane the Virgin,’ for which she won a Golden Globe in 2015.

Rodriguez has been taking on big-budget film projects such as Deepwater Horizon (2016) and Annihilation (2018).

How she get the role of Jane the Virgin?

The CW was searching for a leading lady for their tv series Jane the Virgin.

As she began reading the pilot script for the series, Rodriguez knew this was the story she was waiting for. “I was five pages in,” the actress recollected when she realized “I have to be Jane.”

Coincidentally, Rodriguez shares similar qualities to that of her character Jane Villanueva. Just as Jane is smart, independent and courageous, Rodriguez is the same and loves the show for not shying away from controversial issues like abortion, immigration and racial stereotypes.

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