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Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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Season 2, Episode 6 of “Fire Country,” the popular escape drama, adds a new character named Mickey, played by Morena Baccarin. This character makes things more exciting. The addition of Mickey and the chance of a spinoff show. As Mickey looks into how an inmate got out of Three Rock Fire Camp, her link to the Leone family becomes clear. Max Thieriot, the show’s star and creator, gets behind the camera to direct this episode.

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode shows Jake still having a hard time dealing with his sadness over the death of Cara. Even though it’s been a month since she died, Jake (Jordan Calloway) still won’t take any time off to heal. He has been staying away from Genieve, who is now living with the Leones, who are her guardians. Even though DNA tests are uncomplicated, the Leones have accepted Genieve as their granddaughter and are working hard to help her with her science fair project. However, Jake has been breaking his word to help her, which makes Genieve very sad.

Sharon (Diane Farr)and Vince (Billy Burke) are worried about Jake’s safety and are dealing with a strange situation involving a drug dealer trying to get away from the Sheriff’s department. The dealer throws his stolen money out of a helicopter as a last-ditch effort to get away. He hopes to claim innocent. They are shocked when the money drops on a dying fire where Three Rock is standing. The firemen are given money for a short time, but they have to give it back to Sharon, who then gives it to the Sheriff’s department.

We learn more about Mickey, a deputy sheriff who has an interesting link to the Leones, which makes the story more complicated. Mickey works at the Sheriff’s office with Sharon and is actually Sharon’s stepsister. That Mickey’s dad dealt drugs and went to prison afterward adds to their complicated family background and makes their relationship more tense. Even though they have a history together, Sharon hates Mickey very much, especially for her part in catching Bode.

Bode (Max Thieriot) has a child, which Mickey and Sharon don’t know. Micky finds out that Bode was last seen talking to Rudy, a released prisoner. She confronts him, but he doesn’t care. The news makes Mickey and Sharon’s already tense relationship even worse and brings to light long-standing problems between the sisters. The town of Three Rock is on edge as a manhunt for Rudy begins after the prisoners flee. Mickey, the deputy sheriff, and Sharon, her stepsister, are paired up to ride together as part of the search group. Sharon tells Mickey that she feels judged, and Mickey tells Sharon about her own problems with her daughter Sky, who is in rehab for addiction.

Mickey has tried to raise Sky differently from how she was raised, but Sky has had problems and almost lost her college stipend by buying drugs. Mickey talks about how upset she is and how complicated her feelings are because she hates drug use because it changed her life. She tells Sharon that she has blamed her sister for things she did in the past, but she now needs Sharon’s help to deal with Sky’s addiction.

As the search gets tougher, Sheriff Watkins and Lieutenant Kubiak are found dead on the side of the road, a terrible tragedy. Rudy took Watkins’ gun and shot them both, Kubiak says. This turned the search into a chase. As soon as the FBI is called, it’s clear that Rudy won’t be brought in alive. At the same time, Bode, who has been fighting cancer, chooses to give back the money he took from the drug dealer’s cash drop. This shows that he is honest and caring. Mickey also finds out important information about Kubiak’s role in killing their boss, which leads to his arrest.

By some strange luck, Bode’s actions cause Rudy to give up, and Mickey chooses to speak well of Bode with the prison staff. After taking care of Genieve, the Leones find out that she is not Bode’s real daughter. Bode still wants to take care of Cara’s child and make things right, though.  However, they choose to keep her as their own, showing that family is more than blood. At the end of the show, the town thinks back on what happened and how strong their bonds are and how they can handle hard times. Mickey and Sharon’s friendship changes too, and Sharon learns how important it is to be there for her sister when she needs help.

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