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[Finale] Griselda Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

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The crime show Griselda on Netflix has captured viewers with its captivating story about Griselda Blanco, a notorious cocaine trafficker. When Season 1 ends with Episode 6, “Adios, Miami,” viewers see Griselda’s troubled life fall apart, which makes them feel a lot of different emotions. The show goes into detail about what happened before Griselda was arrested and shows how her past crimes still affect people today. tvacute will talk about the most important parts of Griselda Season 1 Episode 6, which shows how the drug lord’s heartbreaking life story ends.

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What Happened in Griselda Season 1 Episode 6?

In the first tense scene of the finale, Griselda and Marta Ochoa are seen having a meeting while high on drugs. After a terrible party, Griselda admits she was wrong and asks Fabio to forgive her through Marta. Marta tragically overdoses, which changes the course of events and forces Griselda and her partner, Rivi, to come up with a way to get away from the fallout.

When Griselda and Rivi find a stash of cocaine in Marta’s house, they decide to run away with the drugs and blame Marta for betraying them. But their escape is put at risk when Marta’s husband Rafa comes home without warning. Griselda and Rivi get rid of Marta’s body quickly and steal Rafa’s drugs in the process.

So that he doesn’t have to live a life of crime, Dario, Griselda’s son, chooses to leave America with Michael as the chaos spreads. At the same time, June, who wants to link Griselda to the deaths, talks to Carmen, who says she doesn’t know anything about them. Rafa wants to get even for Marta’s death, which makes things more tense.

Griselda, her boys, and Rivi run away to California, where they plan to sell the drugs they stole to pay for their trip. But Rafa finds out about what they’re doing and goes to Los Angeles to get back at them.

When Rivi finds out about Rafa’s plans, things start to change. Griselda lies to her sons and stays behind because she knows she is being watched. Surprisingly, Griselda doesn’t fight with Rafa; instead, she calls the cops, which gets her arrested.

Griselda pleads guilty to drug charges and fears retaliation from the cartel. In exchange for prison security, she gives information. At the same time, the attention turns to Rivi, who, under pressure, ditches Griselda to get away.

Griselda Season 1 Episode 6: Ending!

Rivi’s betrayal of Griselda makes her original deal invalid, so she is sent back to Miami’s jail system. June goes with her back to Florida, where Griselda pleads guilty and waits to hear what will happen to her. Rivi still has one more way to help Griselda, though. He has inappropriate sex on the phone with the DA’s assistant, which hurts the case against her on purpose.

Because of what Rivi did, Griselda only gets seven years in prison. June is upset about the result, so she gets a desk job to spend more time with her family. The way June and Griselda talk to each other shows how much sexism both women have had to deal with throughout the series.

When the story jumps ahead seven years, June tells Griselda terrible news. Dixon, Uber, and Ozzy, her three oldest boys, were all killed in shootings that were linked to gangs. The Ochoas finally get their own back, leaving Griselda to think about the beach trip she and her family took, which was a sad memory.

Griselda is freed and goes back to Medellin at the end of the series, but she is killed by an unknown person in 2012 when she is 69 years old. Even though it’s not very exciting, the ending shows Griselda’s failure as a quiet whimper instead of a dramatic bang, which gives the crime genre a unique touch.

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