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[Finale] Dave Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: How Did it End?

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The season 3 finale episode of Dave on FXX continues to deliver the same humor and heart that viewers have come to love. However, the most noteworthy moment was undoubtedly the appearance of Brad Pitt as a guest star. This show proves that having Brad Pitt as a guest star can open doors for any story you want to tell. Burd’s talent for convincing big names to do unexpected things shines through, as evidenced by his impressive track record in the music industry. (tvacute.com) Here is a rundown of how Dave Season 3 Episode 10.

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Dave Season 3 Finale Recap: Looking for Love

In the third and final season of the TV show, Dave struggles with the repercussions of his actions and his obsession with fame. At the start of the episode, Dave is burying himself in his work as a means of coping with the emotional anguish of his recent split. The grand finale episode ” titled “Looking for Love,” “Dave” kicks off with the crew filming the music video for “Mr. McAdams” before shifting gears to Dave’s humble abode for one last get-together with his pals GaTa, Mike, and Elz.
Dave is still preoccupied with the fact that Drake hasn’t responded to his direct message, despite the fact that he has famous people like Rachel McAdams and Brad Pitt in his music video. Following the departure of his friends, the episode takes a new direction as it delves into a self-contained narrative centered around Dave’s interaction with Bella (Tenea Intriago), an ardent admirer who had sculpted a bust of his head in the season opener.
When Bella visited Dave at his home to give him back his hard disks. It appears out Dave was a major motivation for Bella to travel to Los Angeles and work as a personal assistant on his film. But his hasty suggestion to “follow your dreams!” had unexpected consequences: Bella now shares his crazy confidence in herself to the point that her ambitious behavior borders on stalking. The comparison is immediately apparent when Bella introduces herself to Dave in her short video as “the female you” and requests that he view it.  She considers herself the feminine counterpart to Dave because they have so many of the same neuroses. In this episode, Bella is holding Dave and Brad hostage because she needs their approval and attention. She believes she has a video of Dave talking about a death hoax and threatens to release it, going so far as to brandish a firearm.
Brad Pitt makes an appearance at Dave’s house to record music and share the creative space. However, things take an unexpected turn as the episode turns into a hostage situation, with Dave and Brad doing their best to keep Bella content. She’s determined to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with them and prove her worth, just like Dave has done before. In the finale episode, Dave suspects that Bella may have stumbled upon Emma’s clip of him and Mike talking about the death scam. With potential blackmail material on the line, Dave navigates the situation carefully.
With Brad Pitt’s cameo, Dave comes to the realization that seeking fame just to prove doubters wrong is not a satisfying way to live. In this heartwarming scene, Brad takes Dave under his wing and imparts some valuable wisdom. He urges Dave to put his mental health first and foremost and to learn to love himself before seeking validation from anyone else. It’s a powerful message that resonates with Dave and sets him on a path toward true self-discovery.  In the climactic moment of the scene, Bella takes aim with a crossbow and fires at Brad’s chest, but the outcome of the shot remains uncertain. However, her victory is short-lived as Dave and GaTa intervene and successfully subdue her by pushing her into a bathtub filled with wet plaster. As Dave reflects on his experience, he can’t help but remember Brad’s wise words.
Mike (Andrew Santino) introduces Ava to his father, an important scene that should have been given greater attention. An unexpected conclusion to a storyline we saw not much of is Elz (Travis Bennett)‘s declaration that he will be launching his own record company.
In a surprising turn of events, our protagonist’s near-death experience doesn’t lead him to seek comfort in the arms of his on-and-off girlfriend of the season, Robyn (played by Chloe Bennet). Instead, he makes the bold decision to let her move back to Wisconsin and embarks on a journey to West Africa to spend quality time with his idol, Drake.
As the credits roll, we see Dave and Drake finally come face to face in the heart of West Africa. The scene leaves us wondering what Dave’s next move will be – will he choose the allure of fame or prioritize his own personal growth? Only time will tell. The finale concludes with an ambiguous tone, allowing for various interpretations and speculation.
However, several viewers complained that Bella’s persona was too simplistic and the stalker storyline was too obvious.  They wanted Dave to have more scenes with the supporting cast and for his relationships with the other women to be resolved. Drake makes a cameo appearance in this episode, adding some mystery to Dave’s future and leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

Dave Season 3 Episode 10 Review

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