In the gripping FBI: International Season 3 conclusion, “Tuxhorn,” the Fly Team is faced with one of their most difficult missions to date, with personal stakes that are about to explode. The ending of FBI: International’s season is very exciting. The season had a lot of changes and turns. The shocking truth about Forrester’s mother, Angela Cassidy, played by Elizabeth Mitchell, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance are both extensively explored in this episode. Here’s a thorough recap of the thrilling conclusion:

FBI: International Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

The final episode of FBI: International’s season starts with the Fly Team on a journey to find their leader, Scott (Luke Kleintank), who has gone missing. The team finds out that Angela Cassidy, Scott’s mother, is in jail in Russia under the name Vanessa Kincaide, working on a dossier that has big effects for Putin’s circle. The team, along with Brian Lange, tries to include Angela in a plan to free two journalists from the same prison. However, official routes fail, so they have to do things themselves.

At the same time, Angela, played by Teri Polo, is seen navigating the dangerous parts of the jail, including a daring escape with the reporters. But when they get to their goal, Angela gets separated from the group. This makes it even more important for the team to find her quickly.

FBI International season 3 - Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo and Teri Polo as Angela Cassidy-

The story took a sharp turn when the woman who said she was Angela Cassidy got out of jail but was quickly caught by thieves. While on a short FaceTime call with Cameron Vo (Vinessa Vidotto), Vo found out that this woman was not Scott’s mother. She was actually an American named Tess.

When the team gets back to the bureau, they find out that  Tess is a former military nurse with family in Ukraine who has been missing for 18 months. The team gets away from Nicolai and his goons with Tess’s help, saving her in the process. Tess says she became close with Angela and Scott while they were together. Scott planned Tess’s escape because he knew the team would find her by following the clues.

Even though they tried to stay hidden, there was a big firefight at the Holmenkollen Olympic ski jump site, which let the Norwegian officials know they were there. The foreign minister Anderson wanted to bring charges against the Fly Team members, but Brian Lange (Colin Donnell)  offered that their job should be seen as a secret operation to gather information about Russia for Norway. To do this, they had to get into the encrypted intelligence files of the real Angela Cassidy.

Angela was locked up with Tess, and at first Tess said Angela never told her the secret to her files. Angela gave Tess a tattoo on her wrist, which turned out to be a code that let Angela’s secret information out. With Smitty’s help, this information kept the Fly Team from going to jail, and they were let go without being charged.

FBI: International Season 3 Finale: Ending Explained! Where is Scott Forrester?

Concerning Scott, it was revealed that he had gotten in touch with his mother again. He and Angela were now on the run, using Angela’s special skills to avoid being caught. Heida Reed‘s character Jamie Kellett saw them on a traffic camera going toward Alaska, which came as a surprise.  The team felt obligated to tell where Scott was, but with Lange’s implied approval, they chose to delete the file. Lange chooses to keep it a secret so that Scott and Angela can stay safe and unnoticed.

Near the end of the episode, there is a touching moment dedicated to Tank, Scott Forrester’s loyal dog. That night, The team raises a glass to Scott to honor his hard work and effort. Tank finds a new family with the Fly Team, who take him in as their own, in an emotional moment.  He no longer has his father.  The Fly Team, along with their loyal dog Tank, drank a toast to Scott’s newfound freedom and safety.  At the end of “Tuxhorn,” Forrester and Angela are living off the grid in Alaska to get away from their past and start over. This leaves the door open for possible future stories where he comes back.

The ending also sets the stage for Season 4, giving hints at possible plots after Forrester leaves. Since Colin Donnell‘s possible arrival as a regular cast member has not been confirmed, Season 4 may see the surviving team members working together in a different way. Eva-Jane Willis, who plays the important part of Smitty, hinted that Season 4 would look at what happened after Forrester left and how that changed the team’s relationships. Fans can look forward to seeing FBI: International again in the fall, but the exact start date has not been announced yet.

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