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Does EZ Reyes Die In Mayans MC Series Finale? Explained!

The motorcycle gang from Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy, which eventually had its own spinoff series, takes its last ride in this episode. Mayans M.C. TV show finale “Slow to Bleed Fair Son” which centers on the lead character EZ Reyes, played by JD Pardo. In the series conclusion, it is revealed that EZ was a Mayans motorcycle club member who also served as an informant for the DEA. When his past treachery is revealed, the Mayans turn against him, and EZ Wants to protect his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and their infant son Maverick. Other characters had their own arcs and struggle throughout the program, but the main focus of the series finale was EZ’s passing and the fallout from his betrayal.

What Happened to EZ Reyes in Mayans MC? And Who killed him?

EZ Reyes guided the Mayans through the last phase of their conflict with the Sons in the series finale. EZ and the Mayans, alongside the Grim Bastards, assaulted a bar where the Sons were partying, leading to a violent clash, after delivering a stirring speech to his brothers. A major Sons member named Isaac was killed during this raid by EZ, who then allowed him to perish. Even though Isaac begged for more time, EZ was unyielding.

After the Mayans had celebrated their success, Angel and EZ went for a bike ride, during which Angel shared his desire to leave the club scene and raise his son in a secure environment. It was later discovered that EZ had betrayed the club by serving as a rat for the feds during a meeting with the top Santo Padre members. Obispo “Bishop” Losa (Michael Irby) insisted that Angel assassinate EZ as proof of his club allegiance to the club over blood because EZ was being taken hostage by the Mayans.

Who killed EZ

EZ appeared to accept his fate and advised Angel to take the necessary action to protect his son. “It’s ok, Angel. Look at me. Tell your boy about me and tell him about Mom. Go and don’t come back,” EZ said. “It’s gonna be ok. I’m gonna miss you. Ok, I’m ready,” EZ said to Angel. Angel stabbed EZ in the stomach while sobbing with reluctance. Following suit, each person in the room took it, in turn, to stab EZ until he passed away.

Santo Padre Charter, Bottles (Alex Barone) rushed to EZ’s trailer after this horrifying sight to find Sofia (Andrea Cortés) waiting there. Sofia was carrying EZ’s child. Sofia was shot by Bottles, adding more sadness to the already tragic occurrences. Bishop replaced EZ as president of Santo Padre, it was revealed in the montage at the close of the episode, and Angel had been successful in leaving the club scene. The Mayans club name that was tattooed on Angel’s back was covered up, signifying his departure from the establishment.

The actor who plays EZ Reyes, JD Pardo, revealed that EZ’s character had been seeking death throughout the season in an interview conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike. He didn’t want to be slain by anyone else, and he wanted to die at the hands of his brother Angel.

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