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Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 7 Recap

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In Chicago PD season 11 episode 7, “The Living and the Dead,” Intelligence dealt with a disturbing case that was personal to Voight.

Chicago PD Season 11 Episode 7 Recap

The show was gripping and emotional. Noah, Voight’s houseguest, was having trouble with nightmares from a recent event at the start of the show. After being tortured for days, Noah was obviously very upset, and the cops were giving him time to heal.

But something new in the case shocked everyone. A woman was found with her eyes stapled open, which was a chilling memory of how Noah was tortured. Voight thought that the crimes were linked and that the same person was guilty. The team did more research and found that the two women who had been killed were sisters, Izzy and Maria Pereida. They had been abused and killed together.

When a profiler named Detective Josephine Petrovich joined the case, she found out that someone else had been tortured with Noah but had never been mentioned. This new piece of information made the case even more complicated because it showed that the killer liked seeing victims’ loved ones suffer.

After more research, the team found a pimp named Manuel Tovar who had seen Izzy being taken. Because Tovar helped, a video was found of a white guy in dark clothes beating Izzy and throwing her into a car, which is similar to how Noah was taken. In addition, the team found out that Judge Balen had met both Izzy and Noah’s boyfriend, Paul. Judge Balen knew both victims and had child pornography on him.

As the police closed in on the killer, Paul’s phone sent Noah a text message saying that he had gotten away and wanted to meet up. Voight told Noah not to go to the meeting place, but he did anyway and found that it was a trap. They were both found dead, buried together in an oil drum. The killer had brought them there.

The episode finished on a sad note that showed how terrible the killer’s actions were for the victims and their families. There was a clear emotional toll on the case; it made people feel like they had lost someone and showed how dangerous the characters’ jobs really are.

“The Living and the Dead” was a strong and exciting episode of Chicago PD that showed how the show can tell gripping stories and have deep emotional connections.

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