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Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 12 Recap: Ripley and Asher’s Romantic Moment

Chicago med Ripley and Asher kiss

In the most recent episode of “Chicago Med,” doctors Mitch Ripley (Luke mitchell) and Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) finally got to share their first kiss, which fans had been waiting for a long time. During the season, these two characters flirted and came close to dating, but different problems kept getting in the way. Guest stars played Ripley’s friends Sully and Lynne when they came back to the hospital in the episode called “Get By With a Little Help From My Friends.” They gave Ripley the support and confidence he needed to try to get together with Hannah.

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 12 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Robert “Sully” Sullivan (Daniel Dorr), who has been fighting lung cancer, goes back to the hospital with his pregnant lover Lynne Murphy (Hope Lauren) to start chemotherapy. Sully is worried about starting treatment too late, so he goes to Ripley for comfort. Ripley tells him that what counts is that he’s taking action now.

Over the course of their talk, Sully asks Ripley why he doesn’t want to date Hannah. Ripley says he’s worried about how Hannah will think about his difficult past, like when he was in jail and when he was diagnosed with impulse control disorder.

Later, when Lynne starts to labor, Hannah and Ripley end up giving birth to the baby together. When the baby is first having trouble breathing, Ripley acts quickly to save the baby’s life.

Suelly tells Ripley that Hannah would be lucky to have him and that his past doesn’t define him after the birth goes well. Sully’s words make Ripley feel better about telling Hannah about his past.

Chicago Med: Ripley and Asher’s First Kiss

In a tender moment in the hospital elevator, Ripley tells Hannah about his difficult past and tells her how he feels about her. Hannah gives him a kiss to show that she accepts him for who he is because he is honest.

Ripley says that he was a bad kid who got in trouble with the law, went to therapy, and was eventually diagnosed with impulse control disorder. Ripley tells Hannah that he loves her, even though he has had a rough past.

Hannah replies with affection, “I don’t care about who you were, Ripley.” She is moved by Ripley’s honesty and openness. “I like the way you are.” This makes Ripley feel better, so he moves in for a kiss.  Their love moment is cut short when Ripley has to take care of some new patients, but it’s clear that they are connected.

In this episode, Ripley and Hannah’s relationship takes a big step forward as they finally get past their problems and take a step toward a loving future together. Fans will be looking forward to seeing how their bond changes in coming episodes of “Chicago Med.

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Bert Goodwin (GregAlan Williams), an elderly man suffering from dementia, accidentally sets his kitchen on fire. Despite warnings, he insists on living alone, prompting Sharon (S. Epatha Merkerson) to consider alternative care options. Dr. Marcel faces a challenging case involving a young patient named Colin who urgently needs a liver transplant. However, Colin develops an infection that jeopardizes his eligibility for the transplant. Marcel and the team work tirelessly to manage Colin’s condition and secure the transplant. Maggie suspects domestic abuse involving nurse Jackie Nelson, but it is revealed that Jackie has been self-harming. This revelation sheds light on the stress and trauma Jackie faces at work and in her personal life. Sharon experiences a health scare due to her diabetes, highlighting the importance of self-care for medical professionals. The episode ends with Sharon making the decision to care for Bert herself, showing compassion and understanding towards his condition.

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