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CBS’Evil Episode 10 – 7 Swans a Singin [Finale Preview]

evil episode 10

CBS has released a Preview for new psychological mystery Evil Episode 10, As we know it’s a title called “7 Swans a Singin” and will be aired on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT and then we’ll have a long wait until Season 2 premiere.

Episode 10 is indeed the season 1 finale episode. So, this will be the last one for a while. As we mentioned in last week’s spoiler session, Evil has been renewed for a brand new season 2. Currently, we don’t know when season 2 is set to air, but we’ll keep you guys updated on that when we hear something new.

Evil Recap: Season 1 Episode 10 – “7 Swans a Singin”

Here’s Finale Preview Evil Episode 10


Kristen, David, and Ben are called to investigate an insidiously addictive Christmas song that’s spreading among an increasing number of students and the dangerous relationship between online influencers and their impressionable young followers.

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