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[CBS] Watch Evil Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

CBS- Evil -Season -1 Episode 8
Vondie Curtis-Hall as Leon Acosta and Mike Colter as David Acosta in season 1 episode 8 (Photo: Elizabeth Fisher © 2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Hey evil fans, we have a short recap for EVIL episode 8 that titled 2 fathers which was aired on November 21st.

David and Kristen visit David’s estranged father Leon (Vondie Curtis-Hall). David learns that his dad has now remarried and is using the mark in all of his paintings, claiming that it gives him the clarity he didn’t have before. Ben meets Vanessa for the first time in three weeks and confronts her for not calling back; she explains that her “sister”, who inhabits the right side of her body, didn’t want them to get together. Despite some initial concerns, he decides to continue their relationship. David and Kristen both consume hallucinogenic dr*gs, causing them to have visions.

Kristen witnesses Leon’s wife give birth to a ghoul while David meets Annie Commerce, who Leon explains is a slave ancestor of theirs who died in 1859.

The mark turns out to be the brand of the slaveowner who purchased Annie, which Leon rediscovered and chose to reclaim as his own. David is shocked by his father’s decision but accepts that he is allowed to deal with the pain of their family’s history in his own way. David drives Kristen home to find that her husband Andy has finally returned.

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