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Buying Back My Daughter Release Date, Story, True Story, Cast, Location, and Trailer

Buying Back My Daughter Release Date

The gripping drama television movie “Buying Back My Daughter” 2023 directed by Troy Scott and written by Barbara Marshall explores the tragic subject of sex trafficking and the tenacious efforts of a mother to find her abducted daughter. tvacute.com will explore all the important details of this impactful picture in this post, such as its release date, compelling plot, real-life inspiration, excellent cast, location of filming, and the suspenseful trailer that gives an intense glimpse at the film’s intense story.

Buying Back My Daughter Release Date

Make sure to put this important release on your calendars. Lifetime’s “Buying Back My Daughter” will debut on Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 8/7c. For everyone who enjoys intelligent television dramas, this is a much-anticipated time. The movie opens on a Saturday night, so audiences have time to unwind and get lost in this compelling story.

The movie “Buying Back My Daughter”—will be accessible on streaming services the day following its initial airing on television. This makes it possible for fans who might have missed the film’s live TV broadcast to catch up by watching it on internet streaming services.

The platforms connected to the network, such as the Lifetime website or app, or other streaming providers that have obtained the hosting rights for the programming may offer this streaming option.

What is about Buying Back My Daughter? Story

The emotionally charged plot of “Buying Back My Daughter” is what drives the film. The story centres around Meagan Good‘s character Dana and Roger Cross’s character Curtis, whose world is flipped when their 16-year-old daughter Alicia (played by Faith Wright) disappears after slinking away to a party. Under the direction of Dana and the neighborhood police, what starts out as a normal teenage rebellion turns into a comprehensive search and rescue effort.

As the excruciating months go by with no sign of Alicia, Dana’s maternal instincts take her on a terrifying journey. She finds herself in a terrifying realm of internet escort advertisements, and to her dismay, she finds her kid up for grabs. Driven by love and despair, Dana and Curtis set out on a treacherous quest to “buy their daughter back” and free her from the trafficker’s grasp which is causing her unspeakable agony.

Ariana Madix, who plays Karen, a committed police detective with a personal tie to the case, gives the story more complexity. Her involvement raises the emotional stakes and offers the investigators a fresh viewpoint.

Is Buying Back My Daughter Based on a True Story?

This heartbreaking story is based on true events rather than just being a work of fiction. The film is a potent addition to Lifetime’s “Ripped from the Headlines” film series because of its commitment to raising awareness of the alarming problem of sex trafficking and the tenacity of moms who struggle to save their daughters.

“Buying Back My Daughter” is based on the heartbreaking true tale of Georgian mother Kubiiki Pride, who had to deal with a parent’s greatest nightmare. Pride’s fourteen-year-old daughter disappeared in 2009 when she went to a party. Her daughter, unable to get transportation home, grudgingly accepted a trip from an apparently compassionate woman who later violated her confidence. It was discovered that this woman was a human trafficker who was actively looking to sell young girls to the highest bidder.

Kubiiki Pride became embroiled in the murky world of sex trafficking as a result of her unwavering efforts to retrieve her daughter. She would spend late hours going through websites in an attempt to find any information on her child. She came across a picture of her daughter being advertised as an escort on the infamous website Backpage.com. Pride decided that the best course of action was to “buy her daughter back” after coming to terms with this terrible fact.

But the difficulties didn’t stop there. Pride was forced to face the psychological damage and emotional wounds from her daughter’s captivity after she returned. Pride filed a lawsuit against Backpage.com, a classified online advertisement site that earned a sizable percentage of its revenue from the adult segment, in an attempt to seek justice and stop such horrors from happening to others. “Buying Back My Daughter” is a moving reminder of the atrocities that still exist in the world of sex trafficking and skillfully conveys the spirit of this real-life battle.

Buying Back My Daughter Movie Cast

Any movie’s ability to succeed primarily rests on its cast, and “Buying Back My Daughter” has a strong group of actors who successfully bring the narrative to life.

Meagan Good plays Dana, a mother who will stop at nothing to save her kid. Meagan Good gained notoriety for her parts in the film Shazam! Fury of the Gods and Harlem. Her rendition is certain to be moving and motivational.

As Dana’s spouse Curtis, Roger Cross plays the part. Cross is well-known for his performance as “Coroner,” which gives a parent divided between grief and resolve more nuance.

Karen, a police officer who plays a crucial role in the inquiry, is portrayed by Ariana Madix. Madix is well-known for her role in “Vanderpump Rules,” and her persona gives the plot a distinctive viewpoint.

The protagonist of the tale, Alicia, is portrayed by Faith Wright as a lost daughter. It is anticipated that her performance will capture the courage and sensitivity of a young person caught in a terrifying circumstance. Wright is well-known for her role in “Riverdale” as Tracey Thomas. Also her role in Netflix “The Night Agent.” 

The film’s authenticity and emotional resonance are enhanced by the superb supporting ensemble, which includes Brenna O’Brien as Lori, Aaron Douglas as Ron, BJ Harrison as Mama Grace, Jennifer Ens as Destiny, Bianca Lawrence as Cadence, Theresa Wong as Nancy, Laura Mac as Officer Marks, and Ramudhi Ekanayake as Young woman.

Where is Buying Back My Daughter  Movie Filmed? Location

A movie’s location can frequently take on a life of its own, and “Buying Back My Daughter” is no exception. Beautiful Vancouver served as the backdrop for the filming location. The dates of filming were March 20, 2023, to April 10, 2023. Vancouver’s varied metropolitan environments and landscapes offer a gripping backdrop to the intense story, giving the storytelling more nuance and visual appeal.

Watch Buying Back My Daughter (2023) Trailer

Trailer for “Buying Back My Daughter” Watching this trailer is highly recommended for anyone looking to get a glimpse into the suspenseful world of “Buying Back My Daughter.” Officer Karen, played by Ariana Madix, is first shown in the teaser and is a key figure in the hunt for Alicia, the missing adolescent. As the narrative progresses, we see the terrifying moment when Alicia accepts a ride from a stranger, which results in her kidnapping as a component of a sex-trafficking scheme.

The terrifying world of internet escort advertisements is glimpsed in the teaser, emphasizing the urgency of Dana and Curtis’s quest to “buy their daughter back.” Alicia’s photograph appears in one of these advertisements. As we witness Dana’s tenacity and the emotional toll the struggle has on her family, the film’s emotional intensity is evident. The trailer, which is a must-watch for anyone interested in strong and thought-provoking plays, essentially promises an engrossing and intense viewing experience.

To sum up, “Buying Back My Daughter” is a moving examination of a mother’s undying love and effort to save her daughter from the atrocities of sex trafficking, not simply another television film. This film, which is based on a true incident and features a great cast, aims to raise awareness of a critical topic while telling a compelling and emotionally charged story. Set October 7, 2023, as the day on your calendars, and get ready to be captivated by this gripping drama with a social conscience.

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