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[CW] Bump Episode 1 and 2 – Unplanned pregnancy affects 17-year-life.

[ Bump Episode 1 and 2 - Unplanned pregnancy affects 17-year-life-

Unexpected pregnancy in a 17-year-old student who is a high achiever changes her life forever.  Olympia aka “Oly” is the focus of the Australian comedy-drama series BUMP.

Bump is an Australian comedy-drama series that debuted on Stan on January 1, 2021. It was created by Claudia Karvan and Kelsey Munro. Season two debuted on December 26, 2021, and season three will start filming in 2022. On August 11, 2022, the show is slated to debut on the American network The CW. On and around the Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus are where the school scenes are shot.

Olympia Chalmers-Davis, a great achiever in high school, believed her upcoming presentation in class was her major concern until she went into labor while she was at school without even being aware that she was pregnant. In a sensitive Australian dramedy that examines the effects of this unexpected arrival on Oly’s family, including her currently estranged parents, and that of Santiago, the student-athlete whose identity Oly is keeping secret, shock gives way to denial—”Get that thing away from me,” she growls at the nurse bringing her newborn for inspection. right now. Back-to-back episodes of the half-hour show debut. Bump Season 1 has already piqued the interest of fans. www.tvacute.com has a synopsis of the episode that will help you understand the show better.

Bump Episode 1 titled “Sopresa!” will air on August 11, 2022, at 8:00-8:30 p.m. ET. on CW

LIFE HAPPENS – Olympia (‘Oly’) Chalmers-Davis (Nathalie Morris), an ambitious and organized high school student, is blindsided when the long-delayed consequences of one impulsive decision suddenly blow up on her at school. In just one morning, everything about her life changes. For her mother Angie (Claudia Karvan), freedom was in sight. But she and Oly’s father Dom (Angus Sampson) need to put aside their differences to deal with the irreversible consequences of their daughter’s day. Oly’s boyfriend Lachie (Peter Thurnwald) makes a noble sacrifice; but for their classmate Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr.), nothing will ever be the same. The episode was written by Geoff Bennett and directed by Kelsey Munro.

Bump Episode 2 titled “The Startle Reflex” will air on August 11, 2022, at 8:30-9:00 p.m. ET. on CW

THE SAME PAGE – Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr.) comes to terms with the big surprise but doesn’t know what to do about it and seeks his grandmother Bernardita’s (Claudia Di Giusti) counsel. Fresh from the hospital, Oly (Nathalie Morris) tries to retreat to her old life only to realize that things can never be like they were. Even though Angie (Claudia Karvan) and Dom’s (Angus Sampson) own relationship has been thrown into the spotlight, they realize Oly is hiding something. Matias (Ricardo Scheihing-Vasquez) struggles to connect with Santi, and Rosa (Paula Garcia) tries to convince Matias to change their current living arrangements. The episode was written by Geoff Bennett and directed by Kelsey Munro (#102).

[CW] Bump Season 1 Cast

· Angus Samson as Dom
· Carlos Sanson, Jr. as Santiago “Santi” Hernandez
· Claudia Karvan as Angie
· Nathalie Morris as Olympia “Oly” Chalmers-Davis
· Paula Garcia as Rosa
· Peter Thurnwald as Lachie
· Ricardo Scheihing-Vasquez as Matias
· Safia Arain as Reema

BUMP was developed by Claudia Karvan and Kelsey Munro and is made by Roadshow Rough Diamond with producers John Edwards, Dan Edwards, and Claudia Karvan.

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