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Blindspotting Season 1 Episode 8 Synopsis & Release Date of “Gettin’ It”

Blindspotting final episode 8

Starz’s new series, Blindspotting Season 1 Episode 7 has a scathing indictment about how weird the law is. Earl (Benjamin Earl Turner) reminds us of the racial disparities and explains that he was brutally arrested and misrepresented as ordinary marijuana possession. After watching seven episodes with these characters feel like you are a member of the family. Sean’s (Atticus Woodward) journey to understand grief and Miles’ lengthy imprisonment have been central to the show. Blindspotting show never shies away from the truth, and it always finds unique ways to tell it. We salute the artists and writers who created this vibrant tapestry with subtle characters. And now fans eagerly waiting for the eighth episode titled “Gettin’ It” this episode is going to be interesting as it will be the final episode. So, when is the new episode coming out on Starz? And what do the writers have in store for us, www.tvacute.com has it all that we know. Plus Blindspotting Episode 7 Recap.

Blindspotting Episode 8 Synopsis: Ashley brings the whole family to visitation to see Miles. Earl heads off to start his first day of work at the ports but is hit with red light special when he gets back to the docks.

Blindspotting Episode 8 Release Date

Blindspotting Season 1 finale episode 8 will air on August 8 at 9:00 PM on Starz. If you’re a Starz subscriber, you can watch this episode on the Starz app now. For live-streaming, you have options like Hulu, DirecTV, Philo TV, Sling TV, and Fubo TV. You can buy or rent episodes of Blindspotting on VOD services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and iTunes.

Blindspotting Episode 7 Recap

The episode focuses on the effects of the justice system on mental health, especially in marginalized communities The first scene with Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones), Miles, and Sean was emotional, showing just how painful the idea of ​​prison can be for a child. How the prisoners are treated in front of their families?

Ashley tells Sean the truth about Miles (Rafael Casal). They enter the prison, but suddenly an inmate turns riotous, the meeting breaks up and Shawn and Ashley leave. Trish (Jaylen Barron) apologizes to banker Eric for his misbehavior as Eric denied Trish’s loan. Eric seems more interested in Trish’s friend Jack as he is a fan of her artwork on social media. Trish and Jack are about to set up a premium “vague fetish” business; after Carl’s loose bargaining, he agrees to a 20% stake.

On the other hand, as Janelle and Rainey meet Ashley, the gang goes out to please Sean. But it is clear that the Earl is unable to give it to him and feels the loss of his father. Sean prepares to go to bed at night but before that asks Ashley, “Dad’s going to be my dad’s after-jail… OK?” Ashley takes her son into confidence, kissing Sean goodnight. Ashley then thanks Earl for his help. But he is also struggling. After Earl (Benjamin Earl Turner)  leaves, and Trish and Jack return, they are now excited as they are self-employed.

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