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[Mid Season Finale] Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Who Died

Better Call Saul season 6 episode 7- Recap

Better Call Saul’s midseason finale ended with a shock. Howard met Jimmy and Kim after their carefully planned ploy to embarrass him and settle the Sandpiper case worked like a charm in the midseason finale. Is Howard dead?  Howard returned to their flat to congratulate and then chastise them but he was interrupted by Lalo who barged in and demanded to meet with his lawyers while calmly screwing a silencer into his revolver. He casually shot Howard in the head, leaving him to lie on the floor. How it all turns Out? let’s find out in a recap.

The title of this episode, “Plan and Execution,” makes the solution more complicated. Saul like his father, Jimmy appeared to be a pretty innocuous weasel through the first six episodes of this season and throughout “Breaking Bad.” The mid-season finale begins on the streets, with Lalo emerging from a sewer in a manner eerily similar to his escape from Gus’ assassination attempt last season. He appears to have a Subaru waiting for him and then drives over to a nearby convenience shop to pay for a shower. Then, with an alarm set for 4 a.m., he sleeps in the car. He then returns to where he found the Subaru, returns to the sewer, and covers himself up. He leads himself to an open drain inside the underground sewage system, where he watches Gus’ Laundromat while waiting for the sun to rise.

In a panic, Jimmy picks up Lenny the elderly man he hired to play Casimiro – from his grocery job, claiming that he is acting in a scripted movie. He then rushes his college-aged director to a location outside, where they shoot the sequence, while sanctimoniously lecturing his students about the correct cameras they’re permitted to wield.

When Howard is interrupted by his PI in the office while preparing for a conference, he reminisces about Jimmy’s brother Chuck in front of an intern, calling him the “best legal genius I have ever known.” The PI shows Jimmy the manufactured images, matching the envelope to the one he caught Jimmy taking out of the bank in the previous episode. Working on behalf of the Sandpiper residents, Howard and Clifford Main meet with one of their senior clients and inform her that the procedure could take “at least” 1-2 years, but she is undeterred. They also mention Casimiro, who will serve as the case’s mediator, with Clifford describing him as a wonderful and honest judge.

Jimmy and Kim are shown listening in on the meeting with the secret access code Jimmy acquired from Francesca last episode. When Casimiro walks into the room, Howard’s eyes widen, identifying him as the man in Jimmy’s images. When questioned, Howard accuses the judge of being tainted, claiming that Jimmy McGill, aka “Saul has paid him upwards of $20,000 in bribes. He cried, “Nobody move!” Then Howard’s pupils, as well as his eyes, turn to saucers, evidently under the influence of whatever upper Jimmy had slipped to him.

Howard, realizing his errors, rambles nearly incomprehensibly to Clifford, who demands they settle. Meanwhile, Clifford Main announces his settlement on the speakerphone, and Kim and Jimmy make love. Still in the sewer, Lalo records a video addressed to Don Eladio, outlining what he believes is the truth behind the “Mother of all meth labs,” revealing with glee that he plans to kill all of Gus’s guards, then find the “evidence” he has been waiting for throughout the season.

He then dials his uncle Hector’s old folks’ home, but while on hold, he hangs up in a fit of terror and wrath, somehow realizing that his phone is hooked. He then phones Hector again and fabricates a story, telling him that “the Chicken Man” hides his tracks too effectively, that he couldn’t locate proof, but that he’ll go with “Plan A” regardless (presumably a plot to kill Gus). Hector protests hysterically, but Lalo can only tell him that he loves him before hanging up and continuing down another sewer channel.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: Who killed Howard?

Mike interrupts Gus’ photoshoot to alert him of Lalo’s “plans,” playing a video of his uncle’s phone call. Howard pays Jimmy and Kim a visit and hands him a bottle of wine.  Howard rages. Even if they try to deny it at first, Howard knows he’s been tricked by these two. Lalo Salamanca casually enters the front door. In a horrifying display of brutality, Lalo casually pulls a revolver from his back pocket, attaches a silencer, and shoots Howard in the side of the head, killing him. Neither Howard nor Jimmy predicted that Howard would “fall on his feet” in his closing moments. what Howard’s death means for Jimmy and Kim’s future and what’s in store for Saul’s final six episodes (premiering July 11).

What will happen to Kim in Better Call Saul’s midseason finale? Will she end up with Jimmy if she survives?

Before Operation Frame, it was easy to wish for an Omaha reunion. “There’s really no need to…,” Howard said as a corpse lay on the floor. But it could be the ultimate objective of “Better Call Saul’s” abruptly bleak chapter. It allowed Kim to demonstrate her moral depth. She’s gone a long way since we first met her as the strict attorney. She’s also no match for the man about to question her and Jimmy in their house. She’s a blend of compassion and malignancy, sympathy and cunning, like many of the best characters to emerge from the minds of creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.

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