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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Recap and Review [Hit and Run]

Better Call Saul season 6 episode 4

In case you cried for hours last week when Ignacio Varga died, Better Call Saul has a good thing for you this week: a middle-aged couple in matching tracksuits riding their bikes through a clean, well-kept neighbourhood. Is it true that the county treasurer has a picture-perfect family? He’s swindling millions of dollars. Who owns the local chicken franchise? He is a drug lord. Isn’t that the sickly chemistry teacher from high school? He’s making crystal meth. No one appears to be who they claim to be.

“Hit and Run” appears to be a segment designed to help us catch our breath after last week’s dramatic, instant classic episode. We’re largely just waiting for Lalo to show up, like Gus and Mike. Jimmy continues his campaign to smear Howard Hamlin’s reputation, this time stealing his car while he attends a therapy session and then using it to pick up Wendy, a prostitute, in order to stage a dramatic scene in front of Kim and Cliff’s coffee shop.

A team of armed surveillance officers is also living in the couple’s home, so they can keep an eye on the house next door, which is a ranch with an opulent front door framed by a colonnade. how the episode gives us a glimpse into Howard’s session, revealing that his cheery attitude hides problems at home. It reminds us that, while Howard is an annoyance and a clown on the surface, he isn’t fully deserving of the punishment he’s getting. Kim refuses to accept that he is behaving badly, but the viewer can see it. Therapy is what Howard Hamlin needs right now, even though he doesn’t deserve it. “Nothing is getting any worse with my wife,” he tells the therapist.

Howard is telling his therapist about a dream he had recently. As he talks, a strange scene starts to happen outside. He walks up to Howard’s Jaguar, and right away there’s something weird about him: He has Howard’s white hair and a dark tan. He’s wearing Howard’s favorite colors. He even has Howard’s unique way of walking, with a slightly jaunty step like he’s walking on Broadway. You see his face, and oh my God.

To say that Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) is dressed like Howard is not enough. When a demon took a piece of Howard Hamlin’s soul and turned it into a Dark Howard, he became a Dark Howard who only exists to cause chaos in this world. ‘You owe me’: When the Jaguar goes by, Wendy cries out. As a side note, Julia Minesci makes a cameo appearance in this episode. When she gets into the Jaguar and stops to think about Jimmy’s hair, her teeth look fine.

Cliff Main (Ed Begley Jr.) happens to be having lunch with Kim (Rhea Seehorn) at a nearby outdoor cafe. This all happens in the perfect place for Cliff to see.

It’s not like Kim didn’t already have bad feelings about the way she swindled Cliff Main into giving her money for her defence lawyer project. She’s not happy to learn that Jimmy’s involvement with the cartel isn’t over, either. After she fights with two men who seem to be following her, Mike Ehrmantraut comes over to her (Jonathan Banks). Because he wants to solve a Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) problem, he has these men on the job.

There’s no way Lalo Salamanca is dead, Kim says, but when Mike shows her the look on his face, she knows that not only is Lalo alive but that Jimmy has entangled them both in something big and bad. The men who are watching Kim are looking for Lalo, and their patience is running out. Until this week, Lalo was thought to be dead. Gus says he is alive, but even Mike has to ask: “Where is he?”

It’s a great question! The last time we saw Lalo, he looked for proof that Gus was behind the plan to kill him. We won’t see him this time either. Mike asks, and in this tightly-wound story, it’s not an accident that we cut to a place we’ve been before. For years to come, the roof of this place will have a huge, inflatable Statue of Liberty on top of it. We’ve been here before, or we will be. Bryan Cranston will play Walter White (Bryan Cranston) years from now, and he will kick his way through the door. However, before any of that can happen, Saul Goodman has to move into the house. Besides a toilet that is sitting in the middle of the floor, the office is empty, apart from that. “Hellhole,” but not “hell.” He says that because he can’t keep seeing clients at the nail salon, but he doesn’t say “hell.” For now, he needs somewhere to go. This is only for a short time.

Gus is still waiting for Lalo to return and exact retribution, even if Nacho has cleared his name. He’s gone above and above to stay attentive, donning a bulletproof vest under his clothes and having Mike spread out all of their soldiers over the city to keep an eye on every area of ABQ. Even more bizarre is the fact that Gus keeps a body double in his house and has built an elaborate secret tunnel to his neighbor’s house, which he uses as a monitoring centre, all while his yuppy neighbours go about their daily lives. Nobody does it better than Gus when it comes to hiding in plain sight and keeping up appearances.

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