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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

In Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12, we’re set to find out how Gene Takavic’s decision to go bad will affect him and whether or not he will ever be able to reunite with Kim, his wife from a previous life. Francesca claims that Kim phoned his office after learning of his extensive illegal activity, and there’s no denying that the two are emotionally drawn to one another despite their terrible separation approximately six years ago. Here is “Waterworks,” the penultimate episode of the series “Better Call Saul,” written and directed by Vince Gilligan.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

In the opening scene, Saul Goodman is shown kicking a ball around his office while waiting for clients in the lobby. He is obviously trying to escape something, and when he looks down at a stack of papers, we see what it is: Kim has filed divorce papers. When he does, he tells Francesca to “send her in.”

And with that, the camera cuts to Kim’s life after leaving Saul as a brunette factory worker for a sprinkler firm in Florida. She prepares potato salad for a backyard BBQ in the suburbs, has unimpressive sex with her unimpressive boyfriend, and then the two of them watch TV. She checks the quality of the sprinklers on the production floor while working and prepares copies at the office.

Gene is here, and we get to hear her side of the story from his call last week. He tries to strike up a conversation and inquire how Florida is, but Kim cuts him off by asking, “What do you want?” Given that it has been six years, he claims he simply wants to catch up. She needed to know that he was “still out here.” Continues to get away with it. She declines to respond when he urges her, saying, “I don’t know what kind of life you’ve been living, but it can’t be much,” before urging him to turn himself in. He yells at her and tells her to give herself in before losing his temper and softening. He repeats her name multiple times: “Kim… Kim… Kim.” She finally says, “I’m delighted you’re alive,” before hanging up. She quickly left to go to a coworker’s birthday party.

However, Gene’s call moves Kim. She then takes a flight back to Albuquerque. She stops at her old courtroom, where she recognizes a young attorney assisting a client with preparation, just as she used to, before paying a visit to Howard’s widow Cheryl. She receives a complete written confession from Kim, in which she admits to playing a practical joke on Howard with Jimmy, fabricating his drug use, being present when Lalo shot him, and being aware that his death was faked to look like a suicide. but Cheryl laughs it off given how much his reputation was damaged. We don’t hear Kim’s response when Cheryl tells her why she is acting in this way. But once she’s returned on the airport tram, she struggles to keep back her tears until they finally burst out in loud, ugly cries that she is unable to control.

When Gene enters the cancer patient’s home after breaking down the door, he finds the man dozing off on the floor. Gene starts to leave where Jeff is sitting in his cab after taking pictures of financial papers and discovering the man’s passwords taped beneath his desk lamp, but he stops and goes upstairs instead. Just as a police car approaches Jeff, he makes himself a drink and takes a few of the man’s expensive watches. When Gene returns to the cancer patient, he is no longer there. As the man wanders back inside and collapses on the steps, Gene hides and gets ready to hit the man over the head with a jar containing the ashes of his deceased dog. The man then collapses once more.

Gene gently slinks past him, but he freezes when he notices the police cruiser parked behind Jeff. However, Jeff takes care of it. He shifts into drive in his taxi and jolts forward, bumping into a car parked and attracting the attention of the police as Gene slips away unnoticed.

Back in the Breaking Bad timeline, Kim signs and boards divorce papers in Saul Goodman’s office while Saul is distracted by his phone and ignores her. When she begins to respond to his question about her move to Florida, he interrupts her and says, “It doesn’t matter.” After making fun of her, he remark, “Have a great life, Kim,” and walks away. She enters his packed lobby where Saul is waiting for Emilio, a previous meth partner of Jesse.

Kim starts a cigarette outdoors in the pouring rain, and a man waiting there asks her for one. Jesse is here. Since Emilio chose Saul only on the basis of his amusing advertisements, he wonders if Saul is any good after recognizing her as the attorney who represented his friend Combo in juvenile court.. Kim finishes her cigarette before heading back out into the pouring rain.

Back in the future with Saul, We can see that Gene took two of the cancer man’s watches as he took the bus home. His prison-bound friend Jeff calls him. He addresses Gene as “Dad” and says that he was involved in a collision and was detained by the police because they believed he had committed a robbery. Gene assures him that they have no evidence because Jeff didn’t steal anything from the man. Then he phones Marion, who is furious that her Jeffy is in legal problems once more. She claims that he was in difficulty in Albuquerque and that she is currently reimbursing the previous bail bondsman. Gene offers to drive her to pick up Jeff and reassures her.

Marion (Carol Burnett) turns on her computer and conducts some research before Gene comes to pick her up. When Gene gets there, he discovers her using headphones while using a computer. He hears his own sound coming out of her headphones when she takes them off. She is indeed viewing archived Saul Goodman commercials online. “Jeeves said. I typed “con guy” and “Albuquerque,” and there you were.”

When she calls the police, he yanks the phone wire out of the wall. He wraps the phone chord ominously around his hands. He cautions her not to touch the Life Alert button on her necklace before taking it from her. Marion to grab the Life Alert pendant and activate the button. She says to the Life Alert girl, “There’s a criminal standing in my kitchen threatening me. “There’s a criminal standing in my kitchen threatening me. He is a wanted man, his name is Saul Goodman. Gene bolts out the back door in a state of terror when the Life Alert girl Velveria announces that she is calling the cops.

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