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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11 [Breaking Bad] Recap

In Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 10, Bob Odenkirk’s character Saul Goodman warned Jeffy not to become greedy. Jeff now appears to be completely gone from Jimmy’s world, but Gene Takovic and Kim Wexler, a former lawyer, are still around. Additionally, there are roughly six years between Jimmy and Kim’s breakup and the beginning of Gene’s work at the Cinnabon. What actually occurred behind the scenes of “Breaking Bad” that we weren’t able to see? We could just find out Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11. This episode features the much-anticipated comeback of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). In a “Breaking Bad” episode named, with perfect symmetry, “Better Call Saul,” we remeet them right after an incident that occurred in Season 2.

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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

In fact, the opening scene of Monday’s episode features a kidnapped Saul Goodman crying for mercy inside Walt and Jesse’s RV-based meth factory. Just before the opening credits, someone shouts, “He’s the one! After that, though, we return to the post-Breaking Bad world and follow up with Saul’s receptionist Francesca Liddy as she manages a few ignorant stoners in her new position. She believes she is being followed once she is in her car, but she manages to escape with a quick turn and passes a bench advertisement for Bill Oakley, a former prosecutor who is now a defense lawyer. She arrives at a deserted, deserted petrol station and waits by the pay phone. we find that Walt has passed away.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11 [Breaking Bad] Recap

Gene requests an update, but first, Francesca is adamant about getting the package she was promised: a concealed envelope filled with cash. she tells Gene that she is still being followed. Saul and Jesse Pinkman are the only ones left because Walt’s wife Skyler got her deal. according to Francesca. She adds they discovered his car down by the border, so adios, dopehead.” Gene asks about his various money laundering schemes and foreign accounts, but they have all been frozen by the authorities, leaving him with nothing but the cash he brought with him as proof of his years of “criminal” practice.

Gene wants to keep talking even though Francesca is prepared to end the call. She informs him that Bill Oakley has changed from being a prosecutor to a defense lawyer and that Huell has returned to his home in New Orleans. and Kim called her on the phone. She claims that she was “checking up on me.” She inquired as to your existence. Gene is astounded. He decides against going back to Omaha after getting on the road. He calls information once more at the phone booth and requests to be connected to Palm Coast Sprinklers, a company in Florida. Then he adds, “Hello, Kim Wexler here. I think she’s employed there. He was aware of her location all along, and she is not in Nebraska.
We don’t hear what occurs after that. From outside the phone booth, we merely observe Jimmy, Saul, and Gene screaming and pleading. Then, when it’s over, we see him violently break the receiver and kick in the booth’s glass door. Whatever the response, Gene is changed in some way by the muffled phone call and the knowledge that his hidden money has gone bonkers. He wants back in the game, whether it’s to exact revenge on Kim, gather enough money to travel and win her back, or just to divert his attention from the hole in his soul.

He renegotiates his relationship with Jeffy as he returns to Marion’s kitchen for another schnapps shot. They have resumed operations. Jeff only needs to find some barbiturates and ask the taxi business to put him on the graveyard shift. The plan is to drug and intoxicate single, wealthy men, pick them up in Jeffy’s cab, tape open the front door, and then photograph all of their personal papers. The pictures are then offered for huge sums of money by a sketchy broker.

Gene makes friends with a drunk man at a bar, losing a series of little wagers to him as he laughs it off, and we watch the new scam come to fruition. Gene assists his new friend into a cab that is being driven by Jeff even though he is only pretending to drink and is actually sucking his cocktails through a hidden tube in his sleeve.  As Jeff drives the inebriated man home, he hands him a bottle of water, which he happily downs. When he finally arrives at his house, he is stumbling around, and Jeff helps him inside while discretely taping his front door open. Soon later, Jeff’s friend goes back to the intoxicated man’s home, only to find him unconscious from whatever Jeff placed in the water. He takes the man’s wallet and takes out all of his identifications and credit cards, photographing each one. He then searches through his files and gets more photographs of his tax returns and bank statements, as well as a useful list of the man’s passwords. Then, as he goes, he removes the tape from the entranceway.

Back to Saul, who notices Walter White Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following him into the RV and figures out right away that they’re cooking up the blue thing together in this place. and the renowned Heisenberg is Walt. When Saul presses them for more information, Walter interrupts him and takes the wheel to send them on their way. In order to connect the original Breaking Bad scene with the Better Call Saul version of events, Jesse also asks Saul to describe who Lalo is.

The shallow grave that was excavated for him in the desert gradually fades into Gene sleeping in bed when Gene receives a delivery: a swing back massager. Saul swiftly dismisses the conversation by joking that he’s nothing and changing the subject by requesting that Walter start the RV already. With Gene filling the water bottles with crumbled-up barbiturates and Jeff selling all the stolen financial data to some shady individual for heaps of cash, he, Jeff, and his pal continue to con more wealthy drunks. When Gene’s most recent victim discloses he has cancer, he appears to feel a tinge of regret, but does he really?


Then, Mike Ehrmantraut makes a visit to Saul Goodman in his office. he is using the same swing back massager that Gene recently ordered. Saul asks Mike about Heisenberg and receives an update on the many customers he is following. Mike claims that he is Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and that he collaborates with Jesse Pinkman, a former pupil. Mike warns Saul not to become involved with Walter White. He continues, that Walter has cancer and is undergoing treatment. Mike added that Gus Fring isn’t even aware of him. While claiming that Walt’s product is the best in the industry, Saul is interested.

When Gene receives a call while he is unwinding at home, Gene rushes over to Marion’s garage. Marion, who is watching cat videos, glances up to see him enter her garage. Because Gene discovered the man had cancer and was taking the same medications his own father did. he claims that by the time the man knows he’s been duped, he’ll already be dead. They’ve made enough money, in Jeff’s friend’s opinion, to let this one go. Gene fires him without a word of protest from Jeff when he refuses.

Going back is a terrible idea. The entrance is secured. How long the drugging will continue is unknown. There is no denying Gene’s irrationality. But he is determined to finish the race, no matter what. Then, after telling Jeffy to return in 20 minutes, he approaches the front door and breaks the glass. As Saul enters Walter White’s high school, passing his Pontiac Aztek in the parking lot, Gene approaches the cancer patient. With that, the episode comes to a conclusion.

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