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Are Austin and Lisa From Selling the OC Still Married?

Are Austin and Lisa From Selling the OC Still Married

Austin and Lisa Still Married? – Welcome to an exhilarating journey into the life of Austin Victoria as portrayed on Netflix’s popular unscripted series Selling The OC. This unscripted show, an extension of the fan-favorite Selling Sunset universe, offers viewers a captivating peek into the world of luxury real estate. In this article, we will delve deep into Austin Victoria’s life by examining his career, family life, and journey as portrayed in this captivating series. So, prepare yourself and embark on this whirlwind tour through high-end properties and the personal experiences of The OC!

Who Is Austin Victoria?

Austin Victoria, a 32-year-old California native, has long been a prominent Oppenheim Group member specializing in luxury real estate sales. You may recognize him from Season 1 of Selling The OC, but it’s in Season 2 that his story truly comes into focus as we follow his journey both personally and professionally amidst an all-star cast of real estate professionals.

Austin stands out among his fellow Orange County O Group agents as someone with an unconventional perspective. While conflicts within the group are not uncommon, Austin prioritizes his home life above all else and places great importance on family. As the series unfolds, this becomes increasingly evident to viewers.

Austin and Lisa on Selling The OC

Austin’s love story in Selling The OC revolves around his marriage to Lisa Victoria. They met as college students around 2010 when Austin began dating Lisa, who was working for Guess at the time. Despite realizing early on that they were meant to be together, Austin didn’t propose until June 2017, during a romantic getaway in Bali that showcased his dedication. Lisa admitted that everything had gone perfectly during that momentous occasion.

On September 22, 2018, they held an intimate wedding ceremony at the 39-acre Merv Griffin Estate in South La Quinta, California, sealing their love. Not long after, twin girls Lilah Rue and Hazel James were born on October 23, 2019. Following this life-altering experience, they moved from Los Angeles to Orange County, as any loving parents would.

However, when Austin started working at the Oppenheim Group in July 2021, the demands of his job and his social lifestyle began to strain their marriage. Lisa began to feel like an outsourced nanny, taking care of the children while Austin was away. Despite these difficulties, Austin expressed his unwavering commitment to improving things, sharing his vision of creating the best possible life for himself and his family, including owning an oceanfront dream home and sending his children to private school while also having a nanny so he and Lisa could spend quality time together.

Are Austin and Lisa Still Married?

After tension surfaced between them during Season 2 of Selling The OC, everyone has been left questioning the status of Austin and Lisa Victoria’s relationship. At one point in that season, they discussed having another child; Austin expressed displeasure, while Lisa expressed a strong desire to expand their family further, creating uncertainty within their union. Nevertheless, they remain together, displaying a strong commitment to overcoming challenges.

Austin and Lisa have conquered these hurdles by engaging in open, honest communication that fosters mutual understanding. Their approach embodies one of the core tenets of successful relationships: always working together to solve problems rather than working against each other.

Austin and Lisa’s social media profiles further attest to their strong bond, featuring heartwarming family moments, travel adventures, and affectionate displays of love. Whether they are in Hawaii, Mammoth Mountain, or Mexico, Austin travels alongside his fashion designer wife, Lisa, creating cherished memories with their daughters along the way. Wilhelmina Talent Agency and HRI Talent represent both.

What’s Austin Victoria Up To in 2023?

Austin Victoria is on a mission in 2023. He has been hard at work celebrating the premiere of Selling The OC Season 2 by spending time on the streets of New York City as part of his promotional efforts. Working alongside The O Group, he keeps his audience informed by frequently sharing updates about real estate listings he currently offers in the highly competitive luxury market.

Austin still carries traces of his past life as an international model in his everyday life, even though modeling is no longer his full-time occupation. His experiences as a model have contributed significantly to his poise and charisma—traits that prove valuable in the real estate brokerage world.

Curious about Austin Victoria’s social media presence? He can be found actively posting on Instagram, providing an intimate view of his life. While more frequent updates may appear in his stories, Austin’s grid showcases moments with his family and properties he passionately cares for. You can follow Austin at @austin_victoria, where you will find heartwarming family photos, behind-the-scenes insights from Netflix series production, and engaging lifestyle content.

What Is Austin Victoria’s Net Worth?

Are you curious about Austin Victoria’s financial success and net worth? Austin’s journey from modeling to real estate has been remarkable, making it beneficial to examine his finances.

Since his humble beginnings, Austin Victoria has come a long way, both personally and financially. Recent estimates place Austin’s net worth at an astounding $3 million—evidence of his hard work, commitment, and success in real estate investing.

Austin’s driving force lies in providing for his family, offering them opportunities he may have been denied while growing up. His dedication to being the best father and husband is evident in his desire to provide his loved ones a comfortable yet prosperous life.

Austin’s journey from an international model to a successful real estate agent has been marked by constant effort and unwavering dedication to excellence. His successful transition from the fashion world to the competitive real estate market demonstrates his ability to adapt and thrive in different professional environments.

Both his modeling career and real estate endeavours have significantly contributed to his net worth, reflecting his financial acumen and wise investments. His dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and continually pushing himself physically and mentally are evidence of personal growth and financial success.

Austin continues to advance in his real estate career and discover new opportunities, which should lead to exponential growth in his net worth. His drive and motivation ensure that his financial journey remains exciting and inspiring.

Regardless of who you are or what interests you, Austin Victoria’s net worth demonstrates his professional success in luxury real estate and his dedication and hard work in creating a sustainable future for himself and his loved ones.


Austin Victoria is more than just another real estate agent seen on Selling The OC; he’s a loving husband, father, and dedicated professional on a mission to provide the best life possible for his family. Although balancing work and family can be challenging at times, Austin’s commitment to open communication with Lisa exemplifies hope and resilience, drawing viewers in both onscreen and on social media platforms.

So, if you’re curious about Austin Victoria, take comfort in knowing that he and Lisa are still married, his career and personal life are flourishing, and as you follow him through his Instagram posts on Selling The OC, you will witness an engaging tale of love, ambition, and fulfillment within the world of luxury real estate.

Austin Victoria represents family, commitment, and the pursuit of happiness in the fast-paced Orange County real estate scene. We can’t help but root for him as his professional development blossoms alongside personal growth.

Stay tuned because, with Austin Victoria, there’s always more to the story. In a world of high-stakes real estate, Austin Victoria reminds us that success isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about appreciating the moments that truly matter. Here’s to Austin, Lisa, and their beautiful family—may their love continue shining brightly on and off the screen. As we watch Selling The OC and follow Austin on Instagram, we’ll cheer them along their journey—because life always has room for heartwarming family drama amidst luxury listings and million-dollar properties.

Austin Victoria’s story demonstrates the powerful effects of love, family, and pursuing one’s goals despite life’s obstacles. We can’t help but feel connected to this remarkable realtor and his family as we eagerly anticipate new episodes of Selling The OC. Their journey reminds us that what matters most in life are the people and memories we hold close.


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