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Below Deck Down Under Season 2: Are João and Tzarina Still Together?

Are João and Tzarina Still Together

Are João and Tzarina Still Together? – Fans of Bravo’s reality television show “Below Deck Down Under,” who have been following Joao Franco and Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph’s boatmance, will likely recognize them. Premiering as a spin-off of its popular “Below Deck” series in 2022, “Below Deck Down Under” takes viewers on an exhilarating voyage across Northeastern Australia to show viewers life aboard luxurious superyacht crew members as they work tirelessly to keep guests satisfied while simultaneously managing internal dramas among themselves.

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Joao Franco and Tzarina Mace-Ralph’s relationship on “Below Deck Down Under.” We will explore their backgrounds and their journey together on the TV show and answer any lingering fan questions, such as: Are Joao and Tzarina still together after the cameras stopped rolling? So let’s embark on this voyage together, searching for answers about their boatman!

Who is Tzarina Mace-Ralph?

Before we discuss Joao and Tzarina’s romance in more depth, let’s get acquainted with the individuals involved. Tzarina Mace-Ralph hails from Bristol, England, and is an incredible chef whose culinary creations have won hearts in “Below Deck Down Under Season 2.” Born on April 13th, 1992, and raised in a Christian household, she experienced an unforgettable childhood that remains a part of who she is today.

Tzarina entered the culinary world through her passion, dedication, and unfaltering pursuit of culinary excellence. This path led her to become a chef, embarking on this journey with gusto. Graduating from high school in 2010, Tzarina entered the food service industry in her late teens or early twenties, where her culinary adventures first began before joining the Northern Sun’s crew—thus propelling her career even further, as evidenced by her appearance on “Below Deck Down Under.”

Who Is Joao Franco?

Joao Franco has become a household name in reality television and yachting circles. A Zimbabwean with Portuguese roots, Joao became widely recognized after appearing as a lead cast member on the Bravo TV series “Below Deck Mediterranean.” The show provides viewers with an exclusive view into crew life on luxury yachts, and Joao plays an essential part.

Joao’s journey on “Below Deck Mediterranean” followed his story from its early stages as a deckhand to his eventual rise to a yacht captain. Viewers witnessed his professional growth in the yachting industry and his personal and professional ups and downs during this series. All of this made him become recognized and influential within reality television and yachting communities.

Joao and Tzarina’s Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Journey

Joao and Tzarina’s journey on “Below Deck Down Under” Season 2 was anything but simple. From when they met to when their romance finally blossomed, it was anything but straightforward.

Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph found herself drawn to Deckhand and CEO Culver Bradbury, with their flirtatious banter fueling hopes of an impending romance. Their attraction seemed mutual, yet fate had other plans in store.

Jaimee Neale quickly added fresh energy to the yacht, drawing Culver’s attention away from Tzarina and into an intimate and captivating Australian newcomer named Jaimee Neale—leaving Tzarina feeling disregarded and suffering an abrupt romantic setback.

At the same time, Tzarina received guidance from Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott, who cautioned her not to get too close to Joao. Aesha advised Tzarina not to get too involved with him due to his reputation as a player and womanizer and how he had mistreated his friend in the past. Therefore, it would be prudent for Tzarina to exercise caution and remain at a safe distance from Joao—her advice being: keep away!

Tzarina quickly found herself warming to Joao as the days at sea progressed, their friendship deepening as sparks began to fly between them, and an attraction developed between the two of them that was palpable during the crew night out when banter and flirtatious remarks filled the air. Tzarina began to relax her determination to keep things casual.

Tzarina and Joao took their relationship one step further by sharing a passionate kiss that signaled a turning point in their boatmance. Since the initial warnings and reservations had subsided significantly over time, viewers were left wondering whether this relationship would last beyond the show’s confines.

Are Joao and Tzarina Still Together?

No, Joao and Tzarina are not together. While their boatmance on “Below Deck Down Under” Season 2 held viewers spellbound and hopeful of lasting romance, reality outside the show proved otherwise: Joao and Tzarina did not continue dating after Cairns, Australia, ended.

Note that boatmances on “Below Deck” tend to be short-lived due to the close quarters, intense work environment, and unique challenges of yacht life, which often put up barriers to lasting relationships. Joao’s history as a womanizer, combined with their initial intentions of keeping things casual, did not provide an effective foundation for long-term commitment.

Joao’s playful nickname for Tzarina as a “cute clown” didn’t exactly scream out ‘pet name in a long-term relationship.” These factors, coupled with the show’s track record of fleeting romances, may explain why their connection did not endure.

After filming “Below Deck Down Under” Season 2, Joao Franco’s Instagram revealed an exciting development in his personal life: He began dating Domi Tiesi just months later—not only as romantic partners but also working together as superyacht captains—suggesting a professional partnership as well. This suggests a shift from Joao’s previous boatmance with Tzarina toward new love interests for him to explore.

Tzarina Mace-Ralph also began a new chapter of her love life. While she didn’t directly express her emotions toward Joao, she developed a closer bond with Culver—the same deckhand who first caught her attention. He posted an endearing photo of himself and Tzarina together on his Instagram account. Appearing together on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” only added another layer of intrigue for fans.

The Fans’ Hopes and Culver’s Connection

Fans of “Below Deck” were hopeful about Tzarina and Culver Bradbury’s romance throughout the season; their undeniable chemistry and flirtatious interactions generated much anticipation regarding potential romantic possibilities between them. Unfortunately, however, romance on “Below Deck” was far from smooth sailing and ultimately resulted in unexpected twists and turns along the journey towards romance.

Culver and Jaimee’s blossoming romance hit a rough patch when they encountered challenges during this season, while Tzarina found herself drawn closer to Luka Brunton, complicating matters further with her love life. These evolving relationships kept viewers guessing and engaged with what was transpiring between crew members.

“Below Deck Down Under” has proven once again that boatmances can be as unpredictable as life on the high seas. Though Joao and Tzarina’s boatmance didn’t last, it left viewers eagerly awaiting news on the fates of their favourite crew members. One thing remains certain in boatmances – you never can say never!

Stay tuned as the crew of the Northern Sun embarks upon their adventures in Northeastern Australia waters, be it romance, drama, or simply the challenges associated with yacht life – “Below Deck Down Under” never ceases to provide an engaging journey for both its cast and viewers alike!

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