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Are Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto From ‘Written in the Stars’ Still Together?

Are Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto From 'Written in the Stars' Still Together

Are Jade and Thiago Still Together? – Reality television can often leave us reeling, but there’s something special about a show that blends astrology with romance – such as Amazon Prime’s “Written in the Stars,” better known by its Brazilian title of Match nas Estrelas – which has captured viewers worldwide. Hosted by Ingrid Guimaraes, this unconventional reality show brings individuals searching for love together under a strange format while showing destiny at work in uniting them.

As fate directs their journeys, contestants on “Written in the Stars” embark on a search to find their soulmate with guidance from expert astrologers. Capricorn Jade Montaner was an intriguing participant when she encountered Leo Thiago Augusto; their encounter took a fascinating turn when romantic sparks ignited between them; viewers are now asking whether this pairing still remains together?

We explore the celestial connection between Jade and Thiago, their journey on “Written in the Stars,” and the current status of their relationship in this article. So strap in tight for this cosmic love story that has captured our hearts!

Jade and Thiago’s Relationship on Written in the Stars

Jade Montaner, affectionately dubbed by her friends as “Little Anitta,” made an unforgettable entrance into the world of “Written in the Stars.” As a transgender woman with an exuberant outlook on life, Jade made for an incredible journey that revealed what awaits her from beyond our skies when it came to matters of heart and romance. Her participation was driven by an eagerness to uncover what her future held for her in terms of relationships.

Luck intervened, and Jade met Leo Thiago Augusto. Their initial interactions were marked by discussions regarding social outings and vibrant experiences shared between them; their chemistry became palpable as they explored further into their budding romance.

Jade and Thiago discussed their respective pet peeves and quirks during their time on the show, sharing details such as their dislike of clowns or characters with face paint, while Thiago highlighted their divergent personalities – the latter described himself as being more laid back compared to Jade – as potential strengths that could complement each other and enhance their interactions.

One notable moment on their journey occurred when Jade and Thiago took to the stage to serenade one another with songs, culminating in an explosive kiss that marked an essential turning point in their budding romance.

Jade had to make an important decision after four dates of dating each potential suitor on her list, namely selecting one to drop from her selection list of four possible partners. After much consideration and consideration, she decided against Jose Silvio due to limited compatibility. It appears fate played its hand when Kelvin Castilho held the lowest astrological compatibility among her top three candidates; yet destiny again seemed at play when Thiago had a 74% compatibility rating while Kaique Theodoro boasted an impressive 87% rating!

Jade defied astrological predictions by choosing Thiago as her final selection, showing just how deeply she felt for him. Their cosmic connection and undeniable chemistry overpowered any predictions in “Written in the Stars.” As a result, Jade and Thiago became an item on “Written in the Stars.”

Are Jade and Thiago Still Together?

Fans and viewers of “Written in the Stars” remain intrigued as to whether Jade and Thiago’s love story transcended reality TV, yet no official updates from either party regarding its status remain forthcoming at this time.

Thiago and Jade both opt for privacy in their personal lives, opting for completely private Instagram profiles to protect himself and share only what he wishes to. Meanwhile, Jade, a cast member of the Amazon Prime show, seems to live an enjoyable and fulfilling existence.

Although no specific updates were given, social media revealed an exciting detail: Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto continue to follow one another across various social media platforms despite not directly providing evidence of their relationship status – suggesting they still maintain an emotional link even in digital space.

Reality television can make relationships seem unpredictable, with unpredictable outcomes sometimes leaving viewers of “Written in the Stars” with mixed feelings about Jade and Thiago’s love story born under their scrutiny. We wish them nothing but happiness moving forward! We wish them nothing but love.

What Astrological Signs are Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto?

Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto both identify with Capricorn zodiac signs; these elements provide them with dynamic yet complementary bonds of interaction, such as Earth and Fire in combination. Their compatibility was evident during their time on “Written in the Stars.”

Jade and Thiago’s love story in “Written in the Stars” defied astrological predictions, showing how emotions can transcend physical attraction. No matter if or when their journey continues beyond reality television or takes an entirely different turn, their cosmic connection remains embedded in viewers’ hearts as a reminder that love knows no boundaries – including those set forth by the zodiac.

Written in the Stars” offers not only entertainment but also invites us to consider the influence of destiny on matters of love. Jade Montaner and Thiago Augusto’s captivating journey is a reminder of romance’s unpredictable nature as well as connection’s lasting power; their continued happiness reminds us that life continues unfolding around them under divine control – something only stars could make happen! As their love story continues its course, guided by cosmic forces which brought them together.

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