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Are Beth and Rip Married in the Yellowstone Season 4 Finale? Here’s Everything We Told About Beth Dutton

Yellowstone Season 4 came to an end on Sunday with both a whimper and a bang. “Yellowstone,” drew 10.4 million viewers on Sunday, January 2, 2022. (via The Wall Street Journal). The finale episode called, “Grass On The Streets And Weeds On The Rooftops,” was unmistakably Beth-centric. A fight may be the end of a relationship in this society, so it’s no wonder that assumed John’s displeasure and angry words about moving had sealed their future. During her conjugal visit, Beth may have made an enemy of Riggins. thankfully Beth didn’t have to assassinate the man. She did, however, kidnap a priest. If you keep reading, (tvacute.com) we’ll go over everything.

Yellowstone season four episode 10 begins with Beth (Kelly Reilly) packing her clothing in the middle of the night and Rip (Cole Hauser) waking up from a deep slumber to inquire about her plans. Beth reveals she has no idea where she’s going or how long she’ll be gone because of John’s displeasure and disgust over her conduct, as well as his subsequent suggestion that she move on.

Beth believes her father no longer wants her on Yellowstone, and she isn’t about to stay anywhere she isn’t wanted. Rip assures her that he wants her and tells her to put her belongings away. Rip responds, “I thought we made a vow to each other.” Things will never be the same if she leaves. The ranch and her father may be gone, and if they are, he may be as well. Rip cautions her that if she breaks her pledge now, it would be shattered forever.

Beth expresses her regret to John in Yellowstone Finale

Beth does the right thing and apologizes to her father for how she treated Summer. When it comes to their opponents, John (Kevin Costner) emphasizes that there are no rules, but Summer isn’t one of them. Beth acknowledges that it is his ranch and he sets the rules. “I fight the way you say fight,” Beth replies quietly before asking if she can stay. Although John claims she does not require his approval, Beth believes she must. John consents and assures her that he will always adore her.

Beth: I’m sorry. I didn’t know what she meant to you.
John: It’s not what she means to me, honey. It’s what’s right, what’s decent. No rules with our enemies, but she isn’t our enemy.
Beth: Well, that’s an argument for another time, but your ranch, your rules. I fight how you say fight. I’d like to stay.
John: This is your home. You don’t need my permission to live here.
Beth: For me, I do.
John: Then you have it.

Beth visits the barn before heading to work. “Morning, mum,” Carter (Finn Little) says nonchalantly as she walks by. “Hey, baby,” she answers, before coming to a complete halt. She tells Carter he shouldn’t call her that, and he admits he did since he doesn’t have a mother. Beth clarifies that she is not his mother, but rather his friend. “I’m nobody’s mother ever, got it? Beth inquires. Carter sobs and she reminds him that this will only worsen the issue.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 10

Carter: Morning, Mama.
Beth: Hey, baby. [pause] You can’t call me that.
Carter: Why not?
Beth: Because it’s not true.
Carter: I just thought cause I don’t have one, you could be it. You’ve been acting like it.
Beth: I’ve been acting like your friend, which is what I am. You lost your mother, kid. You don’t get another. I lost mine; same goes for me. And I’m nobody’s mother, ever. You got it? Crying doesn’t help. It never does.

When Beth asks Walker (Ryan Bingham) about prison, Rip and the men are getting ready to ride out. She wants to know if guests are permitted and if conjugal visits are permitted. That, according to Walker, is a possibility. When Beth asks how she can smuggle a weapon (that doesn’t appear like a weapon) into jail, she discloses what’s actually on her mind. Walker recommends using hairpins to distract the guards from noticing her hair. After Beth walks away, Rip arrives, and Walker reveals that they were discussing prison. “I think she wants to kill someone,” Walker says, and he’s right.

Rip swears Walker to secrecy before chasing Beth down. She claims she’s doing one more thing before handing it over to the freshly reformed version of herself. Rip assures Beth that he’ll take care of everything she requires, but Beth is dead set on seeing this through. After telling Rip she loves him, she drives away.

Beth meets Terrell Riggins

When Beth arrives at the prison, she has managed to arrange a conjugal visit with Terrell Riggins (Bruno Amato). Terrell is perplexed, but instead of returning to his cell, he accepts the visit. In a low-cut gold lame dress and thigh-high boots, Beth looks gorgeous. Her hair is put up in an updo, and she confesses that she is a Dutton after some small chat. Terrell claims it was merely a job; he received a hit order and decided who would conduct it. He also says he’s previously spoken to a lawyer about it, and when Beth shows him a photo of her brother, he verifies it was Jamie.

Beth approaches Terrell’s face and asks if he realizes he’ll die in prison. She believes he’ll eventually realize his life has been a complete waste of time and that the world would be a better place without him.

Beth Is Suspended From Her Position

Beth knew she’d only be at Market Equities for a short time, but she imagined it would be on her own terms. Caroline was well aware of Beth’s fascination and had planned to get rid of her all along, according to what we learned. “I gave you enough rope to hang yourself, and oh boy did you fucking hang yourself,” she tells Beth. “You have defiled everything,” she continues. You have committed corporate espionage from the terms of your contract to your NDA.” While Beth’s demeanor stays unflappable, there is a spark of terror in her eyes as Caroline rips into her.

“I’m going to build a public restroom where your fucking house is,” Caroline says chillingly to Beth. Every tree will be felled, and every brook will be dammed. Your filthy ranch is going to be raped to death by me. You, you little scumbag, are going to jail. Needless to say, you’re fired.”  Beth takes Caroline Warner’s warnings seriously and moves on to other issues, but we expect her battle with Market Equities to continue.

That whole conjugal visit thing was ridiculous. To begin with, Montana does not allow conjugal visits. None of the neighboring states allow it; only six states have approved it, and the laws are very rigorous when it comes to conjugal visits. She wouldn’t be able to book one with someone she didn’t know, and she wouldn’t be able to waltz into the prison dressed like that.

Beth & Rip Get Married in Yellowstone Season 4 Finale

When Beth goes inside the enormous house, Rip and John are clearly frightened because they haven’t heard from her. She’s still wearing the gold gown, but she’s let her hair down, which had been secured with a lethal-looking pin. She apologizes for her absence and requests that everyone exit the building.

Beth has snatched up a priest and is eager to marry. She informs her father that she has something she needs to do the next day and that she wants to be married when she does it. John reminds her that they are not Catholics and encourages her to ease down. Beth is unconcerned.

Rip dismisses her as insane but says he’ll do it right now if it’ll make her happy. He requests a moment to gather two items. Lloyd is one of them, whom he snatches from the bunkhouse as the cowboys are debating whether or not to make chili with beans.

Lloyd is surprised but pleased for his friend, and he feels privileged to be Rip’s best man. John is annoyed by Beth’s outfit, but she promises him that she won’t be wearing it for long.

John comes to a halt in the middle of their walk down the makeshift aisle to ask his daughter if he can do it the right way next time. Beth concurs.

The ceremony is kept short and sweet by the priest, and Beth and Rip exchange their vows. Rip tweaks the language a little, but Beth replies I do, and pulls Rip in for a kiss before even finishing the vows. Rip confesses the second item he seized — his mother’s wedding ring – when the priest inquires about rings.

As Beth and Rip hug, John pays the priest. John discovers Beth kidnapped the man with a pistol only as he is thanking the priest. The priest swears not to file charges, but he does require transportation back to town. “Jesus Christ,” John says, pausing to consider who is in front of him and adding, “Excuse me, Father.”

Beth Gives Jamie An Ultimatum in Yellowstone Finale


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