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Jeff Daniels’s Series American Rust Season 1 Episode Guide, Release Date, Cast & Trailer

American Rust Season 1

Based on Philipp Meyer’s debut novel the same name, American Rust was ordered to serialize a television adaptation by USA Network in November 2017. The series was terminated on January 25, 2018, after having trouble finding a lead actor for the show. In July 2019, Showtime recommended an adaptation, the series is written primarily by Dan Futterman and stars Jeff Daniels as Harris, who both serve as executive producers.  AMERICAN RUST is a compelling family drama and a timeless story told through the eyes of the complicated and compromised chief of police Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) of a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town full of good people making bad choices. www.tvacute.com have comprehensive everything there is to know about Season 1 of American Rust, Who will be in the cast for American Rust Season 1? How many episodes of American Rust Season 1 will be there, and at what time will it come and besides the trailer. so let’s start.

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American Rust Plot

In an economically devastated Pennsylvania steel town, a complicated and compromised chief of police (Daniels) is forced to decide how far he’s willing to go when the son of the woman he loves (Tierney) is accused of murder. A harrowing journey into the lives of a small town with big secrets, where people are driven by loyalty, love, and desperation – and bad choices come far too easy.

American Rust Season 1 Release Date & Time

America Rust Season 1 premieres September 12 at 10 p.m. on Showtime, lasting about an hour.. The series will consist of nine episodes airing weekly on Sunday nights.

American Rust Season 1 Episode 1 Details

SHO’s new series “American Rust” the title of the first episode is “The Mill” will air on 12 September.
“American Rust” Episode 1 Synopsis: In a small rust belt town in southwest Pennsylvania, Chief of Police Del Harris investigates after a dead body turns up in an abandoned steel mill. Series premiere.

American Rust Season 1 Episode 2 Details

“American Rust” the title of the first episode is “HAPPY RETURNS” will air on 19 September.
“American Rust” Episode 2 Synopsis: Harris’ investigation continues. Isaac leaves town. Billy and Lee reunite as Buell celebrates a shotgun wedding.

American Rust Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date

“American Rust” the title of the first episode is “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” will air on  September 26.

Synopsis: Grace enlists help in her effort to unionize the dressmakers. The sheriff gets an anonymous tip about the murder in the steel mill.

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American Rust Season 1 Cast

Jeff Daniels as police chief Del Harris
Alex Neustaedter as Billy Poe who is accused of murder
Maura Tierney as  Grace Poe

Michael De Luca
Adam Rapp
Paul Martino
Katie O’Connell Marsh
Elisa Ellis
Bill Camp
David Alvarez
Rob Yang
Mark Pellegrino

Rich Fitzgerald and Jeff Daniels First Meeting

Daniels has been filming his play “American Rust” in Pittsburgh since March, with Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald often asked to look like Daniels. Both were trying to set up a meeting for some time, but it was not possible. Finally, he was able to arrive on the set of “American Rust” on Monday morning and spend a few minutes with Daniels.

“It’s great to finally meet the person that so many people tell me I look like,” Fitzgerald posted on Twitter. He described Daniels as “a very fine gentleman”. “I hope he’s not offended by this,” joked Fitzgerald. “Obviously, this is a man with a tremendous career. Many different movies and series on stage, screen, everything. I’ve always been a big fan of his.”

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